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Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Antier Solutions

Nottingham, United Kingdom


We develop web and mobile application in native and hybrid using Telerik and Xamarin.


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What are the essential traits of great Web sites? After you visit a site and find yourself staying awhile, what makes you stay? A sense of humor helps. Flashy graphics are nice. But the fundamental traits that make a site work are more elusive. This article will break down the essential characteristics of great Web sites into some easily followed rules of thumb.

What is your business goal?

What problem are you trying to solve?

Who is your idle customer?

What functional needs bring them to your platform?

Related projects/critical dependencies
Schedule and milestones
Budget/cost-benefit assessment
Risk assessment
Quality management approach
Tools and techniques to be used
Resource estimates
Change and control procedures
Work plan
Team contact directory
Approval sign-off form


Due to the ease of customisation, updating and maintenance, web applications have shot straight up the popularity charts. Couple these features with Antier advantage and you have the perfect recipe for a successful web application. We undertake strategic brain-storming and initial planning stages to prepare a strong foundation for a truly remarkable web apps. Our experienced, innovative team has created some of the most amazing pieces of work you will find in the digital marketplace, employing their expertise in Microsoft as well as OpenSource platforms.

The world is virtually living on mobile devices today. Every successful website or application has extended itself beyond desktop versions to responsive mobile designs. As for the app market, it is hotter than ever and will continue to rise. Our mobile applications service is focused singularly on bringing your customer to you even through their mobile phones, expanding the avenues for them to discover your brand. We develop mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and hybrid versions. We can optimise your apps for all arrays of devices out there and even integrate them with enterprise applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such.

The norm today is that if you have no online presence, you almost do not exist at all. A well-structured, clean, user-friendly website that gives its visitors the information they need exactly where they want it is all it takes for your business to go from local to global. Antier has achieved excellence in website design over its span of ten years through hard work and demanding projects. That is why, when we deliver a website, it is nothing short of astounding. We offer website design services for all sizes of business—from one-page start-ups to elaborate, database-driven websites—and for all types of business. Working with our clients on the ground level has given us a certain degree of control. Your product or services is your bread and butter and if it is not present on your homepage, your website is not serving your purpose at all. Our designers aren’t just passionate about their work; they live by it and thus, promise a promising website for your business.

UI design is the art of simplifying even the most complex of your messages and the way they are presented to your audience. A beautifully designed user-interface can make or break the opinion about your brand. That is why we devote time in understanding your target audience, carry out thorough research on their needs, wants and expectations, and accordingly zero in on the most probable USPs for your project. We produce user experiences keeping in mind the level of technical literacy of your target audience. At Antier, our impeccable creative design team has doled out brand-specific UI/UX designs created from the scratch as well as revamping older websites or applications. We custom-create designs for our clients based on their highly specific expectations from the final product.