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Anna Skrupska Photography

Newtongrange, Midlothian

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Anna Skrupska Photography

Newtongrange, Midlothian


Hi thanks for looking at my profile!

As I am starting my photography business and building up my portfolio, I provide my services for a cheaper price than other photographers.
I hope to build friendly connections and be able to photograph your event in the perfect way that you visualise.



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I love capturing moments of life in a single frame that will hold a memory forever!
With beautiful composition, colour grading and memories each photo is unique and beautiful. It's for this reason I believe each photo deserves time with careful editing of each photo rather than batch editing like others may do.

I love being able to photograph a variety of events and settings, every day and every experience is different from the last, this keeps everything moving forward and nothing gets boring. Being able to work non-conventional hours that suit my lifestyle are perfect and ensure that your photos are delivered promptly!

I was inspired by the need of managing my own creativity and projects, being able to be fully responsible for what I plan and create is extremely rewarding and challenging.
This is something that I wouldn't be able to do if working for an organisation or working for someone directly, as having creative control is very important in being able to fulfil a vision without management aspects getting in the way.

Young photographers learn new skills and keep up to date with new techniques and equipment and can therefore provide an interesting up-to-date service, whereas an older traditional photographers will give you a reliable service, the photos may be outdated and similar to all their other work.

The industry is forever changing and young people should be given a chance to develop their skills and knowledge.

I believe in developing this passion and love into a career that can sustain my life without having to compromise and take on a job for the sake of getting a job and let dreams die.

I am constantly learning new skills and getting involved in projects and workshops that will keep me busy.

Like I said above, I aim to make new connections & friendships & clients for the future by communicating with you thoroughly before your shoot so we are both prepared and ready for the day and I will deliver your beautiful photos to you in a digital, and also physical format if you wish.

All I ask for is a chance! Some trust, patience and understanding. The more experience I get, the more work I can get in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.