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It is my belief as a counsellor that we all have the power within us to heal ourselves, but there are times we need a bit more guidance to do that and as an accredited counsellor with the National Counselling Society that’s what I aim to do.



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I am passionate in my belief that everyone has the power within to heal themselves, but sometimes they need a little bit of guidance to achieve this. Being able to take the journey of self discovery and recovery with my clients and see them find themselves in the process is what I love most about my job.

My main passion is working with clients that struggle with low self esteem and co-morbilities that accompany that such as eating disorders, self harm, body image concerns and anxiety. I have extensive experience working with young people in these areas.

The limitations that people experience when they try to access counselling services. I appreciate that not everyone is available 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and tailor the hours and methods I use with my clients to meet their needs. Without being in private practice it would be difficult for me to do this.

I am kind, caring, compassionate and genuine. I care about my clients and rather than try to give them the answers will work alongside them to help them find their own solutions. Client's looking for counselling and therapy have a vast choice when it comes to options of the type of therapy and therapist they want. My integrative, empathic stance allows me to discuss with you what you want to achieve and how we can work towards achieving that together. I am a real human being, someone that is genuinely interested in supporting others and I want to help you.



As an integrative counsellor, who has experience working with children, young people and adults, I am able to use a number of therapeutic approaches that may be able to support you through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing. These include: •Abuse •Addiction •Anxiety •Bereavement •Behavioural Problems •Bipolar Disorder •Bullying •Depression •Eating Disorders •Exam Stress •Pain Management •Panic Disorder •Phobias •Procrastination •Relationship Problems •Self Confidence •Self Esteem Issues •Self Harm •Stress

•Addiction •Anxiety •Bereavement •Bullying •Depression •Eating Disorders •Exam Stress •Pain Management •Panic Disorder •Phobias •Procrastination •Self Confidence •Self Esteem Issues •Self Harm •Stress