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Alison de Matos Hypnotherapy

Dawlish, Devon, Devon, UK wide Skype also


Alison de Matos Hypnotherapy

Dawlish, Devon, Devon, UK wide Skype also



Kinetic Shift

Emotional Freedom Technique



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Supporting clients to make changes, for themselves, to have the lives they want.

I saw how Hypnotherapy changed peoples lives and helped them change behaviours, remove fears and phobias, become an ideal weight and maintain it, be confident at work or to travel on an aeroplane. It is a great process that can help people in only a few sessions. I witnessed other change or energy work where people removed old pain that serviced no purpose, as it had been diagnosed. I didn’t realise how the power of hypnosis could change lives, I didn’t realise it was safe and that the client was always in control. It inspired me to set up my own practice as I wanted a job that made a difference to people’s lives. I wanted to have a job that meant people didn’t have to limit their lives or fear things that stopped them from being confidence, happy, calm or whatever made sense for them. Everyday the clients I work with inspire me. That’s why I qualified and set up my own practice.

I work in a person centred way. Confidential within the law, safe, non-judgemental service.

I am committed to short term therapy.

I often work content free, which means you don’t have to tell me things, Change can still take place.