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AG Personal Fitness Studio (Tooting)

London, Greater London

1 hire on Bark
AG Personal Fitness Studio (Tooting) logo

AG Personal Fitness Studio (Tooting)

London, Greater London

1 hire on Bark


We are a family run fitness studio in Tooting providing Private and Semi-private personal training.


1) Tailor made plans

Our fitness plans are tailored around you. They push you even further to achieve your goals.


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Gill Perkins

15 May 2017

Dropped 3 dress sizes! Loving Semi Private Small Group Training. Lots of variety with a real focus on technique.


Vicky Newbold

18 December 2016

I love these guys! I had no idea that first Zumba class 4 years ago would lead me to where I am today. 18 months after that I did the 21 day challenge with Ashley and it really changed things for me permanently. I discovered a love for exercise and stopped dieting forever. I then tried the Fit and Lean programme to take things up to the next level and became a kettlebell addict! I currently do 2 semi-private sessions a week, one Zumba and one SGT as I like to mix it up. I’ve made some really good friends for life in our little community, and that includes the fabulous trainers who work with Ashley. My self-esteem and confidence has massively improved and I am really proud of what I have achieved with these guys. I never though it possible to be a 40-something working mum of two and to feel this way about my body. I have learned to nourish it, strengthen it and care for it. We only get one body and I plan on being a active and fit 90-year old running around after my grandkids! More...


Sue Wade

19 October 2016

Ashley and Tag are truly inspirational when it comes to fitness, motivation and commitment. I first started going to Zumba classes with Ash over 3 years ago and loved it from the start. I then signed up for SGT when it started last year and am totally hooked! I have never felt fitter or stronger in my life, I feel so much healthier and this is all down to the dedication, support and encouragement I get at every session I go to. Thank you AG Fitness, you are the best! More...


Jo van der linde

10 October 2016

Ashley and his team deliver outstanding fitness programmes which achieve fantastic results whether the goal is fat loss, toning up or improving general fitness levels. I have been attending Ash's classes for over 4 years now and have really enjoyed every moment! More...


Victoria Jacobs

15 September 2016

I have been working with Ashley and Tag for nearly 12 months and the results have been amazing. I had not exercised properly in over 20 years and now look forward to going. I love the semi private groups and the community and support that comes with being part of this team! Cannot recommend highly enough. More...


Rachel Callan

15 June 2016

So 2 years ago today l went to my first boot camp with Ashley Green PT with slight trepidation! I now aim to get 2 SGT sessions with Tag Rowe and a couple of Zumba classes in every week.
What keeps me coming back? The fact I feel fit & healthy, that I have gone down 2 dress sizes or the fantastic community that has developed at AGF!
Great tuition, great support and great people!


Amy Forrest

22 March 2016

Zumba classes with Ashley are great fun and very addictive. Everyone in the class is really friendly and there to have a good time whilst working hard. I joined having no fitness at all, but after a couple of sessions began to feel the difference, and even get the hang of some of the routines. 4 years later and I have taken part in many other activities through Ashley, all of which have been fun, tailored to any injuries I have struggled with, and ultimately made me fitter, leaner and less scared of a bikini. More...


Lea Claxton

29 October 2015

Ash runs amazingly fab Zumba classes - great work out, upbeat tunes and a great balance of new routines so you never get bored. I've been going to his classes for 4 years now and I still absolutely love it. By far one of the easiest and happiest ways to exercise. Best way to kickstart your week:)))) More...


Deirdre C. McMath

28 October 2015

I found out about Ashley's Zumba classes at the Nightingale Lane Summer Street Party. The party continues at all his Zumba sessions! I'm now doing Ashley's 'Fit & Lean' programme as part of my physical rehabilitation following major surgery to muscles in my left thigh. I'm certainly not one of Ashley's youngest followers (I'm 62!), but he always makes me feel equal and included. I appreciate the attention to detail, professionalism as well as element of fun in all the training - even when it means getting up at 6 am, two mornings a week!! A big thank you from me, Dee. More...


Vicky Newbold

28 October 2015

Little did I know that my first Zumba class 3 years ago would lead me to where I am now. Then I was approaching 40 with 2 kids, one of whom was only 8 months old. I was very unfit and doing no real exercise to speak of. Well, I loved every sweaty, happy minute of it and kept coming back week after week. It became a bit of an addiction to be honest. Ashley manages to select great tracks and makes sure the routines push you a little bit more each time, he does it with a great sense of humour that means the classes are always high energy and so much fun. I have made some new, very firm friends through Zumba and doing his 21 day challenge.
I now go to Zumba twice a week and have just started his 8 week fit and lean programme which I am loving. I feel like I am working pretty hard in each session but I'm also getting some great guidance on technique which makes me sure I will reach my fitness goals as well as those more led by vanity! The 21 day challenge last May was a bit of a game changer for me and I made some permanent lifestyle changes which have really spurred me on and on. Instead of accepting the inevitable 40 something downhill trajectory, Ashley has helped me feel strong and healthy and confident. I'm really looking forward to seeing some great results in 6 weeks time and continuing to love feeling just a little bit like Beyonce in his Zumba classes!


Nicky Christie

28 October 2015

Stumbled across Ashley's zumba on Clapham Common while recovering from a ruptured Achilles - everyone looked as though they were having so much fun - tried it the next week and here I am three years later and still hooked! Joined the 21 day challenge earlier in the year and lost 10lb - Ash motivates, inspires and knows us all! Keep up all the good work and the charity zumba's too! Nicky Christie More...


Clare Walford

26 October 2015

I discovered Ashley’s Zumba class initially and instantly loved it! Good music, good routines and you really feel you have worked at the end of it. I then decided to do the 21 day challenge; this was an intensive programme that made you focus on what you wanted to change in your life. My eating habits have change dramatically and although I try to stick with the basics most of the time you do have to live a little and Ashley understands this.........just!!! Then Ashley introduced Boot Camp with the aid of Tag, this is conducted through a system called functional movement which identifies your strengths and weaker areas and devises a programme to improve on those areas. I then decided to do the Fit & Lean programme which is an eight week course which hones in further on nutrition, fitness and personal goals. At the time of writing this I am on week 2 of the Fit & Lean programme.
I have complete confidence in Ashley and his team, they are professional, polite, enthusiastic and somehow they manage to make it good fun?!
Ashley runs one of the best Zumba classes I have ever been too and if you don't book in advance then you won't get in as it is always oversubscribed, and considering there are about 45 spaces in the class that is saying something. You have to try it!!!


Suzie Chalmers

24 October 2015

I have known Ash now for 3 years and have had Ash as a personal trainer and the best ever Zumba instructor on earth. Ash's goal is your goal when it comes to training and makes it hard but enjoyable. He even lets you growl at him.
When it comes to Zumba I plan my social life around his classes. It comes first in my week on what I decide to do.
Love Steph, Ash and the CEO Sienna.


We help clients achieve their goals by inspiring them to move more/better, becoming stronger and taking control of what they eat using methods that are easily maintianed.

Their is no secret....Just consistency! Eat well and find an exercise or activity you enjoy and stick with it.

The most rewarding part of our job is helping client change their lives around and becoming happier humans.

Because we guarantee results...

We have a great tight knitt community that support each other....

We are not like any other gym that you will get bored after a couple of months.
We teach our client exercises techniques that are different, effective, fun and can be done outside of the gym.