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Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Tayyab Anwar
5 26/12/2018 Tayyab Anwar

Highly professional people. Strongly recommended. Helped me to get my PR.Thanks

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by fahim barna
5 03/07/2018 fahim barna

We have known Mr khan for years now. We came Addison & Khan Solicitors in February this year for our application and applied straight away. our application was granted without any complications. It was very straight forward. Best solicitors in London by far. Extremely recommend their services.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by kevin vin
5 21/06/2018 kevin vin

the best solicitors ever!!!! thank you for making my dream real! thank you for your all your support and dedication! will always recommend your team! your are the best guys!!! 1 million regards! because you guys deserve it!!!

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Mimie malicay
5 13/06/2018 Mimie malicay

Addison & Khan Solicitors is my third solicitors.
My first and second ones I did not have a good experience with.
The paper work that was produced for me was absoutely perfect.
I had no issues with anything. Everything was done how it should have been.
Pleaae come here if you want the best service.
They are he best solicitors I know of.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Nadeem Nagra
5 08/06/2018 Nadeem Nagra

To i have recieved my tier 1 general visa, I am so happy and overwhelmed. My case has been going on for two and a by years. My case was quite different as it was an amendment case and therefore it was a difficult one. Thank God it has now been resolved and I also thank Addison and Khan for their dedicated hard work.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by bla zaa
5 08/06/2018 bla zaa

My case was an extremely rare one and was dealt by Addison and khan solicitors. I am very glad that my matter was resolved and I was able to get the desired results. I have Addison and Khan solicitors to thank for all the efforts and getting my case resolved. Very happy with service.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by harpreet kaur
5 10/05/2018 harpreet kaur

We met Gul Nawaz Khan of Addison Khan solicitors 6 years ago. They have been dealing our case for 6 years now and finally they have won our case. It has been a long journey but it was worth it. I would highly recommend for everyone to use their services for their immigration matter. We have been to other solicitors but they were rubbish.
But Addison & Khan solicitors have been amazing. They are the best solicitors out there.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Najma Fayyaz
5 09/05/2018 Najma Fayyaz

My friend recommended me here. I came for a consultation and then booked my case. I went to five other solicitors but I was not satisfied. Addison Khan solicitors provided me with the best service.
Even documents which I had not brought to them, they requested for as they had good attention to detail and knew what exactly I would need. They are the best solicitors.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Kanishk Sanandia
5 27/04/2018 Kanishk Sanandia

I came here in 2015 to get my immigration case sorted. And today, 3 years later my case has finally been granted. I want to say thank you to Mr Khan because he told me that if a case had no merit, then he would not take it on and so he put faith in me that my case would be successful and it was.
They are the best solicitors in ilford.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Mohammad Nadeem
5 10/04/2018 Mohammad Nadeem

I whole heartedly would like to thank Addison and Khan solicitors for processing my case and getting good results for me. I would like to say anyone looking to get their immigration case done should definitely contact them. They are a friendly and will help out a lot.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Mirza Baig
5 03/04/2018 Mirza Baig

Excellent service the entire team did a good job especially Mr Khan who supervised my case very well. I’m extremely happy with the results and I will be recommending other people to Addison and Khan

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by stella obiekwe
5 27/03/2018 stella obiekwe

I came to addison and khan solicitors via a reference. To be honest I had full confidence that they would succeed with my case and they did. With their help o was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I am so happy. Their service was excellent. The staff are brilliant and so friendly, the only best solicitors in the UK.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Sundal Khan
5 14/03/2018 Sundal Khan

I applied for my UK immigration through Addison and Khan Solicitors. The outcome of my case has been a positive one. Im extremely pleased with the way addison and khan dealt with my case. I would highly recommend addison and khan for anyone’s immigration matters.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Waseem Khan
5 14/03/2018 Waseem Khan

I am very pleased and grateful for the hard work that went into my case and the support I received during my immigration matter. I would particularly like to thank and recognise Mr Khan and Mr Ranjha and the team of Addison & Khan solicitors for going above and beyond in ensuring I received the best possible outcome. I would greatly recommend Addison and Khan Solicitors to anyone looking for any complex legal matter u might have been experiencing.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by fb fb
4 13/03/2018 fb fb

I am extremely satisfies by the advice i was given today. I have a much better understanding of what next steps would be. I met with friendly people and e everyone was polite and helpful.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Naairah N
5 28/02/2018 Naairah N

This is the best solicitor you could ever have, they are so polite and explain you all the details. I’ve been granted with a 5 years visa. Thanks to Addison& Khan Solicitor. Having a visitor visa it was nearly impossible to sort out with my visa. Highly recommended.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Raja Qaisar Ghafoor
5 09/01/2018 Raja Qaisar Ghafoor

I came to Addison khan solicitors in 2014. For 3 years now they have been dealing my case. I have to say i have always received great service. The staff are extremely co-operative and friendly. I have just come to collect my second visa.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Nusirat Yusuf
5 21/12/2017 Nusirat Yusuf

Addison and Khan solicitors service has been very helpful. I have been trying to get my case sorted for around 7 years. I am so glad it has all been sorted out by Addison and Khan Solicitors. I will most definitely recommend other people to bring their cases here

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Muhammad Waris
5 18/12/2017 Muhammad Waris

I came to Addison khan solicitors through my friend Naqeebullah, his case was successful with them twice. I gave them my case because he received good service. I submitted my case in October and Within two months my visa arrived. It came so quick and we are in December. I’m very happy with the service I’ve received and of course would recommend everyone to come here for their immigration case.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Djoudi Bachir
5 15/12/2017 Djoudi Bachir

I brought my personal injury matter to Addison and khan solicitors and I have been so happy with the service. My matter was dealt with efficiently. Everyone I met was very helpful. I will be recommending others to Addison and khan as well.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by salmaan omar
5 07/12/2017 salmaan omar

I found out about addison khan solicitors through youtube . I came to them in June regarding my case. I was 0so happy with the service because everything dealt very well and very professionally. The service they have provided was very good. I will recommend everyone I know to Addison and Khan Solicitors.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by asma begum
5 28/11/2017 asma begum

I was referred to Addison and Khan solicitors by my friend. I have had two consultations and I have felt that I was given good amount of time for my case. I was able to discuss my case properly with the solicitor. I feel now I have a clearer idea of my case and how to move forward. The service so far has been very good.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by preet singh
5 23/11/2017 preet singh

I was referred to addison khan solicitors through a friend who also has her case with them.
I received great and fast service, from them. My visa arrived really quick. I'm extremely happy with the service and staff, they were all really helpful and friendly. They really make u feel at home.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Tarnnum Data
5 10/11/2017 Tarnnum Data

My father in law has been with Mr Khan for 7 years now. All the immigration work he did including initial visa’s and nationality and now he has done my entry clearance visa which was refused twice but we kept fighting and didn’t give up. Finally I have now come to the United Kingdom to join my husband after 4 long years. I would definetly recommend them to everyone for their immigration matters, my father in law has recommended 4 other people who had immigration problems but are now settled in the UK.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Hass Ab
5 08/11/2017 Hass Ab

We were referred by someone to Addison Khan solicitors for our immigration matter. We came and submitted the case in June and my case was decided in 4 months which was very quick.

I am very happy with the service and would definitely use them again. They are specialists in immigration. My visa was granted so quick.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Fatima Patel
5 24/10/2017 Fatima Patel

I took my case to Addison’s and khan solicitors and they helped me I’m very pleased with the service and how they dealt with my case. I have been struggling for years because of my documents and finally today the stress is all over. I would definitely recommend Addison and Khan solicitors for any matter.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by jemma sweetness vlogs
5 02/10/2017 jemma sweetness vlogs

honestly Mr Khan is the most nicest and caring person I've met. when you are in a difficult situation he knows how to comfort you, I have been with him for years . Today I have been granted with indefinite leave to remain. Addison and Khans service was excellent,every time I called to speak to anyone, they never ever got fed up with me and were always sympathetic. I always recommend Mr Khan to everyone and will keep doing so.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Qaisar Mahmood
5 29/09/2017 Qaisar Mahmood

It's been 4 years since my case was finally decided today. I tried 2 different solicitors before but none of them could provide me with best service like addison and khan solicitors. The main thing is that I was happy with the way they dealt with my case. It was very professional.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Mohammed Adil
5 26/09/2017 Mohammed Adil

Addison khan have been a huge support and help. My case was dealt by them in a great manner. The team works hare and managed my case really well after 15 years i am able to return to my country. I have not received service like this from anywhere else. Best service and best results.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by kyka castro
5 12/09/2017 kyka castro

I had a great service from Addison and Khan solicitors. Got my visa granted with their help. They were very helpful and extremely responsive and my case was dealt with efficiently.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Asqandar Awan
5 25/08/2017 Asqandar Awan

I came here in January with the referral of my friend who knew Mr Khan. My case was submitted in February. To be honest, the service was good. Stress free and no hassle. Would I reccomend them? Yes I would

My visa was granted by the home office.
Thanks to Addison and Khan solicitors.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by rupinder cheema
5 23/08/2017 rupinder cheema

I came to this firm 3 years ago for my daughters nationality which was approved by the home office. Obviously thanks to Mr khan here. I am back here today 3 years later for anoher case as I had a great experience the first time round. Very happy with Addison and Khan solicitors service.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by usama amjad
5 08/08/2017 usama amjad

The staff are very friendly and helpful. I received my visa really quick, in exactly 6 months, so happy. Would definitely recommend.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Taj Uddin
5 25/07/2017 Taj Uddin

I was involved in a road traffic accident and had suffered whiplash and hurt my back. I went to Addison and khan solicitors as I have heard they have excellent personal injury lawyers. I very very happy with the service I have received. I received my compensation quicker than I thought. I recommend addison and khan to everyone.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Asim Nawaz
5 07/07/2017 Asim Nawaz

Very good experience, definitely recommend. All staff helped me very much to win my case. I'd like to personally thank Mr Khan for his very professional and experienced advice and help and I'd also like to thank everybody else working on my case for the help that they gave me. I recommend to anyone looking for advice or intelligent representation. I will definitely come again for the personal and business legal matters.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Ansar hussain
5 05/07/2017 Ansar hussain

I've known Mr Khan for fifteen years now, throughout these years he has dealt with my cases and my family's as well. My family member got Indefinite leave to remain in 2008 and now today I have also got Indefinite. I have honestly been so happy with the service, unlike some solicitors he has always attended my calls and always shown care and interest for my case. I would definitely recommend Addison and Khan to others!

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by priscilla jones
1 01/07/2017 priscilla jones

I will start off by saying that this is a real review!
This solicitors is racist and they are very unprofessional. Legally they only know how to deal with immigration, please be very careful before giving these people your money! Sometimes we are in need of a solicitor and because we are in a rush, we don't take the time to properly research. I would not recommend them, and I'm sure many others would not either. Once more please be careful especially the elderly as they pray on a lot of elderly Asian's and African's locally who face immigration problems, their success rate is very low! Think of it this way, each client that walks through their doors they consider as £1,200 starting bid! I'm not here to disrespect this business in any way, I'm only here to speak the truth, Mr Khan is a Crook! You have been warned.

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Sarwar Mangat
5 11/05/2017 Sarwar Mangat

I came to Addison and khan solicitor around 4 months ago to apply for a residence card as Spain national. It was granted to quick. The service I received from Addison and khan was excellent. I have nothing bad to say about them. I would definitely come back to them again. I came to collect my card today. Thank you to Addison khan solicitors

Review of Addison and khan solicitors  by Sajida
5 30/03/2017 Sajida

I was introduced by a friend for an Immigration matter. I was seen very promptly by Addison Khan Solicitors team. Very professional in their approach. My case was dealt in a very professional manner. Very Pleased.

Addison and khan solicitors

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