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Sahar offers natural and safe Bespoke Luxury Acupuncture for all of your health and beauty needs. Which means all treatments are specifically tailored to suit your needs on the day. Luxury treatments offered here will help you balance your hormones and stress levels so that you leave the clinic feeling good and healthier on a cellular level while at the same time looking good.


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17 December 2019

Sahar is an amazing practitioner that continually expands her skill set, especially in regards to facial rejuvenation & balancing of hormones. Sahar takes her time with each patient to ensure the highest quality care and efficacy of treatment. I highly recommend her services! More...

10 November 2019

Sahar has a wealth of knowledge around skin and its care. She is one of the few practitioners who is training others using her expertise. Highly recommend you consult her for all skin issues. More...

25 October 2019

I can’t recommend AcuCare Clinic highly enough. Sahar is a wonderful practitioner with superior knowledge of skincare. My complexion has never looked better. Thank you. More...

22 December 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing anti-ageing cleanser. The pigmentation on my face is now even, wrinkles are smoothing out and my skin looks so healthy and radiant!

18 December 2018

I have just had my 2nd perfect pout treatment with Sahar. Wow what a fantasic treatment this is and a brilliant alternative to lip fillers, as this was a route I did not want to go down. This treatment has given me great results in a completely natural way. I have been looking for something like this on the market for some time now and Sahar has been the only one to provide such a treatment naturally using her own numbing cream and with completely natural ingredients. She uses her own unique methods with great affect. Her professional manner and knowledge is unquestionable and I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone wanting to take a more natural approach to enhance their appearance. More...

11 December 2018

Currently I am being treated by Sahar for stroke recovery, I also recently had a fall, her efforts reduced the recovery time for the damage to my ribs, which had seen me inA&E

29 November 2018

#Mr Happy Feet; I had a life threatening stroke in 2015 and since I have been out of hospital I have been seeing Sahar for treatment for the residual effects, the major one being a subluxated or dislocated shoulder; the treatment keeps the pain down to a level where it does not intrude on my daily life, I have also returned to driving ahead of the usual post stroke time frame; I can highly recommend Sahar for anyone in similar circumstances, I have recently had a fall which sent me to A&E for the damage to my ribs, where I was advised of needing approx. 6 weeks for it to heal, due to Sahar's administrations I was feeling much better in about half that time, game on as usual, thanks to the needles and a lovely ladies skill and expertise More...

27 September 2018

Sahar is a very professional and knowledgeable acupuncturist and I would highly recommend her, especially for treating pain as the results from distal needling are instant!

20 August 2018

Initially, I went to see Sahar and AcuCare clinic with migraines. During my first visit, Sahar took her time to slowly discuss my concerns and explain how the treatment is going to work. During her first assessment, she pointed to a few other issues I have been dealing with and told me she can help definitely help me. More...

19 August 2018

The handmade products are made with LOVE! The quality is unmatched and my skin has never looked better. I recommend these products to everyone! Healthy never looked so good :)

11 May 2018

Great treatments, products and customer service! Will always choose their services x�

23 April 2018

I never believed in Chinese medicine until I tried her work. It literally cured a pain I had! Amazing. Strongly recommend.

11 January 2018

Sahar is a beautiful person, knowledgeable and passionate disciple of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is truly an Integrity in Action - she walks her talk. She is also a great communicator! I am really happy to know her, and looking forward to our next meeting! X More...

2 November 2017

Sahar has a passion for her work and this shows when she treats you, she always works hard to achieve the best possible results for your needs in every session. Sahar has treated me for different conditions ranging from migraine and hormones to carpal tunnel problems, always with a noticeable result. I believe acupuncture helps to ground and centre you as a person. I couldn’t recommend highly enough always a positive experience. Definitely give it a try. Xxx More...

13 September 2017

Had acupuncture with Sahar to open my energy flows for reiki and it defiantly worked. Was stressed out planning a wedding and combining the two treatments worked perfectly. I'm a needle phob but had no problems having the treatment as Sahar puts you instantly at ease More...

10 September 2017

I had a session of acupuncture for an ongoing shoulder problem, and I have used the wonderful aroma oil for my face both were of benefit -and I also have the privilege of working with sahar sometimes. She is always so busy with clients but always has time for a chat and some good advice. A lovely person with a lovely nature xxx More...

16 August 2017

I would like to thank Sahar for the most incredible facials. I can not imagine it could being any better. Sahar is extremely knowledgable about health and well being. When I was going through a year of health issues she helped me through. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sahar in fact if you don't try one of her facials then you are missing out. Sahar is a very special, sweet and kind person. More...

21 March 2017

I was sitting opposite Sahar at a training day. What she didn't know was before the course has began I was searching for a skin specialist, as I noticed that my skin had been looking dull. And I wanted to start feeling and looking more my vibrant self. After hearing about what Sahar specialises in, I think "wow" I've been guided to the person I need. Yes I do believe in how when you ask for something, the universe can work with you..I had my session with Sahar where she listened to me and asked all of those questions linked to my everyday life. Seeing how I can find more balance. One of the treatments was the acupuncture facelift. This gave me a lift and restore some of the brightness. I also felt spoilt in the was as Sahar can use her beauty background, as well as her medical background. How often can you get the privilege? Sahar is a good example of getting to the route of imbalance and using a holistic and relaxing approach, to living an energetic and youthful life � More...

22 December 2016

I have the privilege of being treated by Sahar, who, in my opinion, is the most wonderful person I have met in the beauty industry, or ever, actually. She is kind hearted, dedicated and highly knowledgeable, and she works wonders with my skin and wellbeing, and I always leave the clinic feeling rejuvenated, uplifted, and looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Sahar! � More...

5 September 2016

Just been to my health assessment with Sahar - very complete, she is lovely and professional, and picked up on things hardly anyone would on a first consultation. Can't wait to start my treatment :) More...

20 June 2016

Over the years I have had many acupuncture treatments with varying success. The treatments I have received with Sahar at AcuCare Clinic have genuinely been the best treatments by a country mile. Sahara shows patience, passion for helping her patient, would do her absolute best to problem solve to ensure my treatment is the most effective. I am so impressed by Sahar and her treatments that I consider her to be 'my acupuncturist' now where I will see her regularly ongoing for treatments. Thank you Sahar. More...

4 June 2016

☆☆ACUPUNCTURE FOR BEAUTY☆☆ Today I had acupuncture for beauty with Sahar, and I absolutely loved it! Having recently been on holiday, as well as being unwell and highly stressed, my appointment couldn't come soon enough! . My skin was desperate!!!! Having discussed my overall health and my general concerns for my skin, Sahar wrote my treatment plan, explained it to me, made sure I was as comfortable as possible, and got to work! She started by finding my relevant pressure points, to insert the needles. They all went in, **completely pain free!** While this was happening, Sahar and I had a lovely chat, which always comes with ease as she is a joy to talk with, and is wise beyond her years, offering advice and tips on everything. from diet, to products to try!! I could feel the effects of the acupuncture almost instantly. There was a slight warming effect, and a gentle tingling sensation! I felt uplifted, and 'lighter'.... all of my stress felt like it was a million miles away, and that was exactly what I needed! Before I knew it, it was time for the needles to be removed, again, completely pain free. I felt so refreshed, I almost forgot about the massage! Ahhh! the facial massage was wonderful! Such gorgeous and luxurious products used, and Sahar is simply magnificent. So skilled, professional, and very thorough! At this point, we weren't chatting! Sahar was working her magic, and I was almost asleep!!! Bliss! At the end of the facial, I was given a mirror and I couldn't believe how much better my skin looked and felt! My previously tired and dull complexion was transformed! I had colour in my cheeks, the puffiness around my eyes had gone, and I just looked healthy! (And with a few less fine lines- woohoo)! I couldn't ask for a better result! For anyone considering acupuncture for beauty, I cannot recommend it enough! Believe me, I was apprehensive to start with, but now, I don't know how I managed without it for so long! I also cannot recommend Sahar Hootie enough! Wether you have been having acupuncture for years, or just curious to see if it is 'for you', she will put your mind at ease, talking you through it all beforehand, discussing what you want out of the treatment, and what you can expect from it. You will get a 'tester' needle, so you know how it feels before deciding, and there is no 'hard sell' or pressure to book! Plus, she is just a kind and caring soul! Just being in her presence makes you feel better! Thank you so much Sahar! It was a pleasure. as always! More...

12 March 2016

I initially started going to the AcuCare Clinic for cupping on a bad back in 2014 (note to self - no lifting filing cabinets in future! ) and then I progressed to acupuncture for my overall health. I receive treatment about once a month and it really makes a difference to my energy levels and wellbeing. Sahar is a delight to be treated by - kind, professional and caring. I can't recommend AcuCare Clinic highly enough. More...

13 February 2016

A beneficial addition to my post stroke therapy Simon, Portsmouth

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Sahar has successfully qualified to hold a membership of the British Acupuncture Council which ensures all patients receive the highest standard of professional care during their acupuncture treatment. She has graduated with Honours from Portsmouth University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture. Furthermore, Sahar is the Regional Groups Coordinator of all Hampshire British Acupuncture council practitioners.

With over 10 years of experience, her passion and mission is to make patients aware of the long-term benefits of her unique Acupuncture methods; and to make her treatments accessible to all.

Sahar specialises in:

Balancing out your Hormones in hormonal related health and skin issues including fertility issues

Relieving heart break and sadness/grief

Anti-Ageing/lifting Skin and Body treatments- these unique treatments are natural alternatives to surgery, Botox and fillers

Boosting your Immune System– including help with general tiredness, stress, cancer care, hay fever, allergies or just to maintain your body’s physical and mental health throughout the year. Sahar calls these seasonal top ups a Health MOT

Weight Loss and management

Skin Conditions such as hives, acne, eczema, psoriasis,

milia, thread vein and mole removal

Sahar Hooti BSc (Hons), is the founder of AcuCare Clinic. Her experienced background as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Paramedic, Aromatherapist and Advanced Beauty Therapy Specialist make her a highly recommended ‘Anti-Ageing and Hormonal Balance Acupuncture Practitioner’.

Sahar is also the founder of her famous ‘De-Stress in 3 Steps’ technique. At the same time, she is proud to have developed her own Organic Skin Care range to make sure patients use only the best natural ingredients on their skin.

Her philosophy of “less is more” has inspired her to launch her 3 in 1 skin care range so that you don’t need to collect unnecessary skin care products on your bathroom shelf.

Sahar is known for her unique, effective and long lasting treatment results which in turn has gained her the reputation as one of UK’s leading acupuncture practitioners.

She has appeared on the SKY health and fitness channel- The Active Channel, highlighting the benefits of having acupuncture.

On July 23rd 2010, A local newspaper ‘Get Reading- City Woman’ talks about Sahar’s unique Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment method and states:

“Natural is 100% better and Kylie Minogue is the latest A-lister to ditch Botox for a more natural approach to anti-ageing. Side effects of other treatments are starting to become apparent, and Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments will become more popular”

In December 2017, Sahar has been featured in Britain's one and only professional acupuncture magazine 'Acu.'. She talks to other practitioners about the ethics behind Cosmetic Acupuncture.

At AcuCare Clinic our passion, drive and wisdom are our most powerful tools to help you on your journey towards a healthier and more youthful ‘you’.