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Accu-health offers Yoga as a total approach to health e.g. posture, anaerobic weight bearing exercise, aerobic exercise.
Add to this improvements in your agility, co-ordination, vitality and more.

Understand that your body itself is a gym and then learn to use it without any gadgets or gimmicks.

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Christine Sutton

31 December 2014

"I searched for an acupuncturist on line and was fortunate to find Christine Sutton who as well as being an acupuncturist seems to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mind and nutritional balance. I had 6 acupuncture treatments and was given nutritional advice ...... advice, which I believe was just as important as the acupuncture itself. I no longer..... " Myles, Aintree

"Dear Christine, thank you so much for helping me through the last 6 weeks. You've been wonderful and I shall remember you ALWAYS!"

With love and thanks Rhi xx

"Dear Christine, you probably won't remember me, my mother and I landed on your doorstep at the beginning of January and you kindly gave me your time and treatment. Thanks to you I was able to sit in a van for 6 hours at the end of the week and your treatment made it possible for me to do the exercises the physio gave me, which released the trapped nerve.

My sincerest thanks, Sarah x

P.S. Will recommend you to my friends."

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