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Reshma Field

16 February 2017

Angela was a pleasure to work with and helped enormously with my website content. She took the time to find my "voice" and understand my business and my values. The content reads very well and I am very grateful to have received her expertise. I would certainly recommend her services. More...


Carol Aplin

25 January 2017

Running a business requires many business hats. Especially when you are a new enterprise. As things develop, there is less and less time to get your arms round it all. In fact, it's impossible.

What do you do when you are determined to continue offering great service? You seek someone who can appreciate all the ins and outs of your business and THEY take over where you left off.

That's what is wonderful about engaging Angela Atkinson to write some of the stories we wish to tell. In a way that still speaks with our voice. I doubt that's an easy task but Angela does a wonderful job for us. We didn't want to pull back and write less. Now we don't have to.


Jaqui Barnes-Monaghan

7 October 2016

A 5 star service all the way. The turnaround was swift. All questions answered and all suggestions considered. Angela is a very interesting and warm person who is a pleasure to work with.


Paul Barnes

6 October 2016

Angela provided very high quality copy when producing a local article for us. Impressed with the quick turnaround and prompt responses to email communication, a pleasure to work with!


Johnson Gardening Services

5 October 2016

We needed some expert guidance in creating the wording for a new brochure to market our business and so I approached Angela to see if she could help. I could tell when we first met that she totally understood where I was coming from and proof of that was shown in how spot on the first draft of the brochure was! I honestly couldn’t have asked for better. She got the balance between providing information and sales copy absolutely right and I honestly believe with every fibre of my being that no-one would have been able to produce anything better than the fabulous work Angela did. She has been a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Angela and AA Editorial Services to anyone needing similar help. Thank you again!
Janet French
Johnson Gardening Services, Swindon.


Simon Webb

21 January 2016

Angela is a complete star! She put her extensive knowledge and expertise into my website, product documentation and Facebook page. She also ran a hugely successful advertorial for me, including lots of coverage on social media. She is a true professional and brings a fresh new perspective to things. She is also great fun to work with and offers extremely reasonable rates. Can't recommend enough, thank you Angela! More...


Dr Nahin Mamun

23 April 2015

I took the service of AA Editorial Services for proof-reading my PhD thesis. I was awarded PhD without any correction. The proof-reading contributed in achieving that to a certain extent. Although it was the first thesis proof-reading task for Angela Atkinson, she took the courage to do it and I was happy to give her the opportunity. We had a number of telephone discussions and emails before producing the final version of the thesis. Angela met the dateline of ten days and gave 100% effort. I think she now has the experience of proof-reading a PhD thesis and can offer other doctoral candidates high quality services. I wish all the very best for AA Editorial Services. More...

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