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A2 Functional Fitness

Ann Arbor, Michigan

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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A2 Functional Fitness

Ann Arbor, Michigan

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I offer specialized personal training for strength training, fat loss, chronic pain, Mobility, sports performance, and more.

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Kristen McMurphy

18 October 2017

Ryan is an incredibly intuitive trainer, and in general one of the smartest and most interesting people I've ever met. I am a long-time distance runner and came to find him through a referral from a cross-fit gym in town. I had developed some significant imbalances in my hips and found myself, for the first time in my life, experiencing chronic pain in my legs and back that was hindering my ability to drive and get around normally. Ryan started his diagnosis and plan from our first phone conversation, and from there we began working together weekly. He is a phenomenal teacher and works to improve all aspects of movement---the way humans were designed to move for thousands of years, not the way the trendy exercise fads of today say humans should move. After working with him for two years, I wake up now feeling rested, more limber, the chronic pain is gone, and the imbalances have drastically decreased. I continue to work with Ryan because I believe in him and what he does. I enjoy his company when we train together and always learn something new. Having him as a weekly guide has improved my overall health and well-being. More...

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I give my clients the tools, knowledge, support, and a positive learning environment to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Finding a lifestyle that you enjoy as a combination of exercise and diet that is sustainable for you and your goals.

Helping people grow and learn and live happier lives.

Drawing on his experience in a variety of fields, Ryan came up with a unique system to help people achieve their individual goals and enjoy training with others. If your goal is stronger, faster, better mobility, and dynamic training, Ryan is your man.

Trained and experienced with:

Over 15 years experience training people one on one and in groups
Neta Certified Personal Trainer
Neta Certified Yoga Fundamentals Instructor
Neta Chronic Pain Management certification
Neta Understanding Energy systems Certification
Neta Progressive models for strength Training Certification
Neta H.I.T. Training Certification
Neta Oxygen Cost Course
Neta Integrated Fitness Certification
Neta Nutritional coaching Certification
Power Lifting Competitor
Kettlebell Training since 2002
BTI Certified Executive Security Specialist
5th Degree Black belt
Extensive training in self defense, knife defense, hand gun defense, and combative shooting tactics
Extensive study in Neutral Spinal Dynamics
Extensive study in trigger point release, tool based facial release techniques, and mobility training
Animal Walking Specialist
Movement Specialist
First aide, CPR, and AED certified