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Although I name my site Relationship counselling this is because I believe relationships in the widest sense covers so much of where needs for support lie. Being trained in and having much experience and work with many different counselling needs, I am able to support a wide range of people and difficulties where counselling skills are required.


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9 April 2019

Peter is knowledgeable, a good listener and full of good advice. Yes that's his job but he is also a caring and understanding person who is a true professional.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help. I personally can't thank him enough for the words of wisdom he has planted in my mind, that will enable me to progress forward with my life.
Ann from Knutsford


Jack Grimoldby

3 January 2018

Many thanks Peter for your time and invaluable insights over the last few months. A period in my life I will never forget but also a time where reaching out to you was certainly the best thing I could ever do. I'm extremely grateful and always will be. Thanks again,

Kind Regards


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Giving support to those who are struggling with personal issues and seeing them get to a better place as a result of our work together.

Following a successful career dealing with people I decided to take a counselling path. Having worked with Relate, trained as a mediator and some experience with Samaritans I felt I could offer clients a solid personal service.

A personal service -I offer to see clients at my home- office their place, by Skype, FaceTime or phone also wide time flexibility. The importance of the fit between client and counsellor is vital so I offer a no- fee guaranty in case the session is not helpful.


I offer to support you through separation or divorce, having trained and worked as a family mediator. This is for couples or individuals wishing unbiased help from a financially knowledgeable person, also counsellor registered, experienced in dealing with child and family issues