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Hi my name is Leticia. I offer Personal Fitness Training Services and Nutritional Consulting to help people drop weight, improve wellness, increase energy and develop a toned and fit body. I not only offer fitness programs but I also have a specific nutrition plan.


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Leticia Pelayo

12 August 2018

Awesome, delicious food! Most recipes are ready in 30 minutes. And the workout plans are only 3 days per week! The results: look and feel amazing!


At 9010 FIT, we treat every client uniquely. We know that every person has specific goals. So we taylor a Fitness Program to meet each person's needs. We also believe in having fun so the client not only feels physically great but is also filled with positive energy after every session.

The secret to getting a fantastic body and keeping it is eating the right way! 9010 FIT will provide you with a specific Food Plan that both helps you lose weight and enjoy great food. Exercise compliments great food. By working out you will tone and define your body, like a beautiful sculpture.

I love helping people reach their goals. I enjoy seeing the spark when I guide them and all of sudden they see what they can accomplish. It is very exciting to see their happiness, enthusiasm and fantastic results.

After I graduated from college and started working I felt that besides getting an education and a job, there was still more... I realized that every person has a purpose to help people with the unique gifts they have received. So I went on a spiritual journey and found that education, nutrition, fitness and making great food was my calling. I put it all together and developed my company, 9010 FIT. I wanted to not only help people get/stay fit and healthy but also to do it in a way that was enjoyable. So I created the 9010 FIT Lifestyle Program Book that includes incredible recipes, a food plan for wellness, weight loss and body sculpting and fitness plans. This program is is final editing and will compliment the 9010 FIT Personal Training Services currently offered.

I am very committed to my clients to ensure they reach their goals. I have worked with people in all age group: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. All it takes is my commitment and your effort to get results! Let's make it happen!


9010 FIT provides private personal training tailored to the needs of every client. Our focus is on losing weight, wellness and body sculpting/toning (not body building). We provide both the fitness and nutrition plans to reach these goals.