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How much will I pay to hire a Photo Booth?

Average Price
$100 - $500

How much does Photo Booth Hire cost?

Want to take your birthday party to the next level with a photo booth but unsure of costs? Read our handy price guide to find out all you need to know about the cost of your photo booth hire, from locations and add-ons and everything in between!

What is a Photo Booth?

Sometimes we’re having too much fun at a party to remember capturing the moment! That’s where a photo booth comes in. Whether it’s the kids, mums, grandpas, friends, colleagues or cousins, a photo booth is a great way to get everyone involved and create souvenirs at a party.

Having a photographer is a great way to get those professional, slick-looking photos, but they might not always be on hand to capture the perfect shot, or you might want a photo that’s a little different. With a photo booth, your guests can get photos whenever they want, add whichever props they want, and get their prints instantly - what’s not to love?

What is the average price of a Photo Booth Hire? 

With the endless list of costs that comes with throwing a party, you want to make sure that hiring a photo booth is something you can afford in your overall budget. 

If you’re wondering how much photo booth hire is likely to set you back, we’ve put together a summary of average costs based on local Australian professionals: 

Average cost (per hour) $150 - $200
Minimum cost (per hour)$100
Maximum cost (per hour) $500

What are the factors influencing price? 

Not all photo booths were created equal! Here are a few price factors to help you make your decision: 

  • Length of time 

  • Add-ons

  • Peak vs. off-peak hire times 

Length of time 

The bad news is that the longer you’ll want to hire your photo booth, the more you’ll pay. The good news is that many photo booth companies offer discounted rates for longer rentals. So the longer you need to hire your photo booth, the lower the price per hour will be.

For example, the same photo booth hire company could charge $650 for 3 hours of hire and $700 for 4 hours of hire, reducing the hourly cost. 

Two hours is the minimum you should hire your photo booth for - you want to give all your guests a chance to make the most out of it, so you can make sure your money is well spent. Three hours is standard rental time.  


Photo booths come with all sorts of jazzy add-ons depending on the hiring company. Here are a few examples of some of the most common ones and the additional cost to hire them. 

Add-onAdditional cost (in total)
Guest book $50 - $100
Box of props $50 - $75
Magnet strip $10 - $15 per hour

Peak vs. off-peak 

Your photo booth hire company will probably charge more if the service is required during peak times, such as weekends and evenings. 

Most photo booth hire companies will charge more for evening hire between Thursday and Sunday as this is when demand will be at its peak. 

How to keep Photo Booth Hire costs to a minimum

Getting a photo booth doesn’t have to cost the earth! Here are our tips and tricks for keeping costs to a minimum: 

  • Don’t be afraid to haggle - While most photo booth companies offer set packages for their services, lots of them will be willing to customise a package based on your needs and preferences. This allows you to negotiate a lower price.

  • Read between the lines - When agreeing on a price with your photo booth hire company, make sure you read the fine print or ask for additional cost information. The service may include hidden costs, for example for travel, which may not be clearly stated in the price list. 

  • Book your photo booth during off-seasons - A wedding photo booth is going to typically cost more in the height of summer because there is a bigger demand for wedding-themed services. Bear this in mind when planning your budget. 

  • Avoid weekends - This is similar to the above point. Hiring a photo booth during the weekend is going to be more costly as the demand is higher. If you consider holding your party or event on a weekday, costs will be lower. It’s always worth asking your guests to see whether they’d be happy to book it off work.

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