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It pays to be efficient

A quality payroll solution can save a considerable amount of admin time, and avoids any delayed payments. Making sure your staff get paid correctly and on time is crucial in keeping them happy. With a professional payroll service, payments will go from a daily HR task to something that’s handled by the experts. This frees up valuable resources usually spent on time-consuming administrative work.

Keeping everything above board

Business payroll solutions handle more than just staff payments and pensions. They can also deal with important documents, such as P45s and P60s. The right payroll manager software makes all this easily accessible.

Payroll providers trade in highly sensitive information. Be sure to ask professionals about security as well as any HMRC requirements. For example, companies must fulfil Pay As You Earn (PAYE) information requests about their staff. A reputable payroll provider will be a member of the BACS bureau. This means they're authorised to make payments on behalf of a third party.

One less thing to worry about

Making regular salary payments seems simple enough on the surface. But there are many factors that affect pay and pensions. These include holidays, maternity and sick leave, as well as student loan repayments and recruitment fees. Different tax codes will also affect an employee’s take-home pay, and any commission structures or sales incentives must also be considered.

Payroll outsourcing services handle all this with the utmost accuracy. Managers can be certain that staff will get what they’re entitled to. This leaves them free to concentrate on running their business.
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Certus Payroll Solutions

Certus Payroll Solutions create custom payroll software for businesses of all sectors. This software streamlines human resource management, saving companies time and money.

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Why is a quality payroll service so important?

HR and payroll departments are responsible for both finances and employee wellbeing. It’s an employee’s job to work to the best of their ability – it’s a company’s job to ensure they’re compensated properly. If a company makes a mistake with payments, fixing it should be their top priority. With a good payroll management system, these mistakes get avoided completely.

What type of companies do you usually work with?

Our web-based payroll management system can be customised to meet a business’ needs. These needs depend on the number of staff, contracts with third parties, and if they have staff abroad. We cater to all types of businesses, from SMEs to the public sector. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing clients through years of change and growth. Anyone who needs a top quality payroll solution can benefit from what we offer.

What can you offer potential customers?

Businesses often underestimate how complex payroll can be. This leads them to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. We provide companies with efficient, cost-effective products. Companies may need something for monthly salaries, but also ad-hoc payments for freelancers. Or perhaps sending money abroad needs to be as simple as paying staff in the UK. All of this is done via a secure portal with tiered levels of encryption. We also handle HMRC declarations and returns, as well as Pensions Automatic Enrolment.

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The average price of Payroll Service Providers is R 2 000 per month

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R 650
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R 7 500



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