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Que Consolidated

Que Consolidated is the ultimate Financial Solution Service Solution Hub. We provide services to Corporate, Small businesses (SMME), and Private Individuals alike with services and solutions that work! We are primarily a Debt Collection company. We specialize in Debt Collection on patient liable medical accounts, amongst others, including various types of outstanding debts, which could range from- but not be limited to: 1. Service Agreements; 2. Invoices (General, Services Provided, Products Supplied, etc.); 3. Medical (PLD & Patient Liable Debts); 4. Educational (Pre-School, Primary- to University); 5. Rental/ Lease agreements; 6. Microlender & Other (Credit Agreements); But, We have a twist- Our very own "game- or action plan"! This is what sets us apart and above our competitors. It is how we do things- We do it differently. This gives us the edge within our competative industry to lead the way. We are in fact the most cost-effective solutions services provider out there. Yes, the general industry standard of collection services on a "No Success, No Fee" basis IS in fact old school. Very old school! Here's why: So, much like the competition, we also offer a "No Success, No fee" basis of the collection service as our model- BUT- What if we tell you that we have the ability to even further negotiate on that? Impressed? We thought so! One would think that it is impossible? Think again! We do it, and we have been doing it all along. Ask our competitors how far they would be able to cut down on, or reduce their "No Collection, No Fee" structure to provide you with the service even more cost effective as they are currently quoting. Will they be able to? We did not think so- so, prove us wrong, AND IF THEY CAN, (subject to them being Debt Collectors and NOT legal practitioners) and you can provide us with the written quotation undersigned on their letterhead- we will even do your collection FREE OF CHARGE, for life! But sadly, the chances are probably 2% that this would ever happen. We have been doing this for years now, and have no client we do for "FREE" on this offer. We may have no "FREE" Customers, but in South Africa, is there really something like "FREE"? You pay for it all hidden in the "T's and C's" anyway! We may not be free, but we will be the most affordable service with the best return you would ever find. How do we know all of this? Well, it is much a case of we understand the various types of Industries (And how they function)- We understand business! Your's, our's, and everyone else's! We also mean business- With you and your clients. We understand the current climate of the economy and how to maximize revenue irrespectively- This is merely the beginning. Our economy is not changing overnight! Surprisingly so, we have managed to INCREASE, if not DOUBLE our revenue DURING the lockdown in 2020/2021. Remember, we do not get paid unless you do. So, is this not where you need to be? This is our bragging rights. Ask our competition what their revenue has done during this time. Did they do what we managed to do with our clients? Give them more money during a pandemic? THAT- exactly THAT, is our edge. We understand our clients and the debtors of our clients. Not merely due to our interest in your business- but we believe that one cannot be successful in this business if you do not understand your client- or the clients of your client, in our case too. One cannot drive if one does not know how. Once could then only try. We never try, we DRIVE! Sometimes cars, but foremostly your increase in revenue. Our services offerings vary and are so vast, that we in actual fact merely stipulated them into divisions. Each division with a core function, and each client with their (sometimes lengthy) detailed specifications on the service requirements. Yes. On the nature of the if's and hows- we are able to fully adapt to what you require, and we adapt and adjust our service to suit your specific need, to the finest detail. Would you like a "%" or an "$" or the standard "R" on your invoice or reconciliations, just because you can? Consider it done. Your options are endless. WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN, WILLING AND MOST OF ALL- ABLE TO NEGOTIATE AND PROVIDE YOU AS MUCH FLEXIBILITY ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT, WANT IT, OR LIKE IT! Could our competition do that? We do not even need to bet on it- We know they couldn't! No other can compare nor compete! Ask our competition what their commission percentage is, and how low you can negotiate it. We offer additional, in-house tracing services which provide Tracing services to some of our competitors within our industry due to our success rates on Traces. We also trace for a number of Law Firms Nationwide who require these services. We use this exact same service, for ourselves too! Included and "Mahala", so it does not cost you anything. Being with Que is sharing and experience. An experience of world-class services and super-fast query resolution. All queries are dealt with and concluded within 48 hours unless escalated otherwise. You will always be informed of it all. One simply cannot expect anything less, especially when it comes to a company that is able to provide you the flexibility and service variations and offering as Que. Do you want client service, quick query resolution, friendly staff, proactive processes, individually developed services, excellent results, and exceptional performance? Consider it done! You will search long and hard before finding a solutions or service provider that even closely compares. A Que client is a happy client- and all of our clients agree. Ask them! We are happy to provide references should you request such. The majority of the new business we generate- originates by word of mouth- not marketing. Our clients are happy, and they refer easily. We even have some self-appointed "Public Relations" clients. Why? Because being with Que is a story you want to tell. Your business is doing better than ever and you have no bad debts anymore. Of course, you will be proud! We are focussed on results. Our vast array of services compliment the demands of our clients. We are also able to adapt to our clients needs and change or amend segments within our service offerings according to the need of each individual client. How many companies would do that? JUST for you? We would... Happily! We are able to run monthly debtor account management for clients where there is a need to outsource the account department of our clients. This could be a few Invoices, or bulk invoicing. We are also able to assist with following and keeping track of payments and allocations, ensuring that the invoices raised, have been paid to our clients in full or either partly with an arrangement monthly, within the given time frames as arranged with our client. Again, adaptable to what YOU require. Get in touch today and become part of the Que Family. Your one stop hub for business. Scalable to your exact requirments, giving you results!

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Hear from
a professional

What do you love most about your job?

I am energised each morning to work with a team of great people. We all have one goal. The working environment is a fun and creative place to be. We are also extremely competitive with one another challenging eachother daily.

We hardly ever have a bad day. Every morning we are all excited to meet amd see one another, and to see what the new day holds.

We have great support, open communication channels and a dedication for client service and a devotion to perform.

Our team is unique, and our family- type foundation and business values have us in a set foundation.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always wanted to improve. Improve myself, and improve and uplift others around me. Then came the current economic climate and the high unemployment rate, and I believed that I can be a part to actively change and grow that- to in my own way contribute to a country I dearly love and be the change I am wanting to see- especially when it came to people not having employment, as well as young adults not being able to be given a chance due to circumstances of not having a matric or not having sufficient experience to build.

This inspiration is also exacy what lead to our greatest success. My inspiration started with helping others, and by helping others, one makes a difference. My inspiration has inspired many others to uplift, educate and help others by going the extra mile when there is a need that is recognised.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are affordable and adaptable to the needs of our clients, including our pricing and the type of work or service our client has a demand for.

We are able to work in volume with large corporates as well as small companies and one-man-shows without sacrificing on client service or performance.

Every single client receives the same, exceptional service, whether you have a small business or you are an executive in a big company.

We provide outstanding results that exceed our customer’s expectations with our performance.

We have a competitive edge when it comes to client service running adjoined with client service.

We are the company that goes far and beyond our call of duty for all our clients, in order to ensure that our client receives the results better than they have expected.

You have not experienced service and results if you have not experienced ours. We believe in client service, and we have never lost a client due to bad service or results.

We lost about 7 clients in 8 years who opted to use other companies “better” as they were all promised the world. 5 of those clients came back to us

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

We provide services online and remotely, Nationwide!

We are also able to visit our clients should they require or request such as we understand that sometimes not everything can be done online or remotely.

We are able to fully adapt to our clients and the needs of our clients.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

We have minimal clients coming into our offices, as most is done online, telephonically or via email.

We do however have strict covid regulations in place at our offices for those who wish to see us.

Because of our relationships with our clients, we communicate often which often eliminates the need to be seen in these times, keeping our clients safe.

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