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A handyman can be ideal for all your home repair, maintenance, and minor construction projects. Finding professional handymen and handywomen will help you save time and effort as you have a plumber, electrician, painter and decorator, and craftsmen all in one. An experienced professional handyman is ideal to get all those jobs done in and around the home. We have 100s of handymen, and handywomen on our site ready to help solve your jobs. Place a Bark now to find a handyperson for your job now.
  • Bark will source you handyman professionals who can perform a variety of jobs including repair, installation, mounting, fitting, and hanging of any fixtures, cabinets, and appliances. They are also capable of painting both interior and exterior walls and other surfaces. Professionals will know which painting products you will require to ensure smooth coverage and lasting results.
  • Handyman service providers will also solve your plumbing and electrical problems. They offer their assistance in repairing leaks, replacing/fixing pipes, installing washing machines and bathroom fixtures, and even simple tasks like bleeding radiators. Using these services for regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. All qualified handymen are also capable electricians and can help with rewiring your house, installation of lights, circuit breakers, and even generators. Bark services are licensed and offer guarantees for the quality of the job they perform.
  • Bark will help you find not only efficient handyman services but also construction and house maintenance professionals with narrow specializations. In some cases, their services might be more cost efficient. You should look for specialized construction and remodeling contractors as these kinds of jobs require vast experience and a good understanding of the materials available today.
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What sets fml construction from other companies we are a company that always tries by all means to make our clients happy by delivering best services to all our client's ,we treat each and every clients as one of our family and we are loving and respect company as a company we make sure that when we begin with our client's project we don't jump days not going onsite ,we take it upon our selves that what we have started we must complete it without stopping ,we are not one of those company's that visits the site twice or three times a week and jump other days no, if we begin with our projects this is what do ,we run our clients project from the beginning to the end of the project with out skipping or jumping a day this only means normal working days, only excluding holiday's and weekend's , the other thing we love about our company our team they are qualified and having experience in all metioned services they have been in this industry for years more than the years that the company was established ,we are a company that follow the clients plan accordingly and we a company that advises our client's in some of the things that may not understand on which product to use for long lasting and we do have supervisor's and site managers who all always make sure that the project is running accordingly ,working with FML construction pty ltd you will not regrets because we only accept the services that our team are good at because we understand that by doing that it will not ruin our relationship between us and our client's and it will not tarnish the name and the image of our company so that is why we stick on what we are good at as company. The other thing that makes our company stand's on top is you are able to find us on our website or facebook pages we all over we have got nothing to hide as our clients you are able to go and view and have a look at our previous work there, now let's talk about how we charge ,we a company that charge's their clients fairly, we are not that company charges clients only to win the projects and fail to complete the client's projects because funds are finished to run the project, we charge our clients the funds that will be able to run his or her project from the beginning of the project to the end of the project without any shortages of funds we know how to our calculation very well, we do our calculation very well to make sure that our client's projects runs well and smooth with stopping or any shortage of funds. •We don't leave our client's with out a solution!

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What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job it is because I'm a rescue, I'm rescuering a lot people lives through my services, they is nothing that will make you feel good than restoring a client's property back to it's original look. I'm a solver and what makes me happy about this job is we bring the dreams of our client in to reality through our services.

What inspired you to start your own business?

This is what insiperd me to start this business i said to my self I want to make different in other families as I will be hiring people to work in this company through this salary that they will be getting or receiving all the time they will manage to feed their families through this company FML construction pty ltd and the other thing or the main purpose of fml construction pty ltd is to make sure that it generate enough funds so that it can reach those who are really poverty striken meaning to make different in communities and nations and to help with what is needed at that time.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our client they can choose I because we are friendly, loving and with us safety is guaranteed they will feel safe around us because were we have done our work in different places, properties before and no clients has ever cried about his or her things missing in their premises during the running of the projects or after we have completed the project and we are a company that sticks to our promises what ever we may be promised our client exi that's what we we will do and deliver, services satisfaction is guaranteed to all our client's who will choose fml construction pty ltd mostly we work hand in hand with our clients for the success of the project, this is what we can promise all our client's we are here to make sure that drawing plan it must to reality smooth and neat and as we have promise you that when we begin with your project take a note we not gonna jump a day s not coming on site, we will proceed with what we have started until the end of the project we will leave premises when everything is done meaning when the project is over ,we not gonna do these things of skipping days not coming while the project is standing still no and take note we charge fairly ,we don't charge to win the projects only and fail to complete the project no, we charge to run your project from the beginning to the end of the project with out stopping or any shortages of funds.

By choosing FML construction pty ltd you are helping I and you are helping those who are working for FML construction pty ltd to feed their families as well .
We don't leave our client's with out a solution!

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

We can communicate with the client's online and some the services yes I can provide online but not all services some services they need me to go and view the work in their premises or property.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

We have been following all the protocol that we have been given by our government to protect each other from COVID-19.

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The average price of Handymen is R 600

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R 600
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based on 136 209 reviews

The ability to manage his tasks effectively and deliver results on time is impressive." "He is consistently produce work that does not need to be revised or looked over within deadlines. The efficiency and ability to prioritize tasks effectively contribute significantly to his team's productivity

29 Feb 2024

What an experience, working with Jonathan projects has been so exciting. Timeous work, professionalism and quality guarantee is of essence with these guys. Happy client.

29 Feb 2024

I was very sceptical in the beginning, after giving them a chance i experienced the workmanship beyound my expectation,,,the manager himself ran with the project and i could depend on him for advice he freely gave...Myself and my wife are very well pleased with the work they performed and we recommend them fully for any job required...i will stick with them for any job no matter how big or small at reasonable prices....Well done Jonathan and team i salute you guys

29 Feb 2024

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