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From Japanese curry to Spanish tapas to Peruvian aji verde, I do it all. I run with a small, passionate team that will execute any menu for any party size you need. Don't settle for the overblown prices and extremely bland food that caterers provide. Let's stick to reasonable prices and a higher quality of food.

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My specialties include Spanish, Latin-American and Japanese cuisine. I am a master on the grill, both in cooking the meat and selecting the best quality in cuts. I would also add that I've become very apt at making vegetarian and vegan dishes that aren't your typical, dull, repetitive options.

Your perfect menu consists of carefully crafted dishes that draw from my vast culinary knowledge. If there's a dish I'm not familiar with I always take it upon myself as a personal challenge to master and even improve it.

Cooking is my way of sharing with the world. It is an intimate, essential part of human life and the fact that I can put a smile on someones face makes it feel more like an art-form.

Working in restaurants for most of my culinary career was an amazing educational journey but one that always restricted my creative freedom. In order to feel more fulfilled I left the restaurant world and began a more personal cooking opportunity.

Not only am I ambitious, highly-motivated and determined, I balance this with excellent social skills, tremendous generosity and personability.