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Mercer Island, WA, United States

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Hi, I'm Flora,
I am 17 in the graduating class of 2020. Since I was little, music has been a major part of my life. Three years ago my love for music evolved from just making playlists to Music Production and DJing. After teaching myself the basics I decided I wanted a real education on the matter which led to me begin DJ school.

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The secret to keeping a party dancing is definitely having the ability to read the dance floor and people's engagement and moods. You need to vary the intensity of the music through out the night, building up and slowing down so that the party can maintain its energy. It is also a great idea to play songs the audience knows when starting a dance party. Once you have people dancing the songs should keep getting better (more loved by the audience) to increase excitement. Along the way it is good to mix genres and have some fun so you can surprise and delight the dancers and keep things interesting. A big hit is when you can fade from modern to an oldie and then back by having the transitions and rhythm make creative sense. Dance songs can be current hits, one hit wonders, throwbacks, classics, and sing alongs and the key is to mix and take the audience on a musical journey which makes the party.

I would describe my style in DJing is hip and eclectic. As I mentioned before, I have a wide range of musical tastes and I find the ability to move between genres in an intricate way exciting. I find elements of songs - key chorus and lines which capture the mood and message of the day - and then pivot off these to move between songs. I like the party to dance and have real energy and so I DJ with the same fun and passion that I have with my own musical experiences. A smooth understandable sound that makes you feel a certain way is the amazing product of my Djing.

I love Djing for many reasons. Primarily, I just love music. For me music is a part of who I am and how I live my life. I always have music playing and if it is not playing in my car/room/or ear, then it is playing in my head, as music is the beat of my life. I love to discover new music and interesting beats and then share these with my audience. Nothing is more exciting than seeing people cheer and be happy when they hear songs they love, or new songs they have not heard of before, mix into their dance party. I love connecting with others and connecting people in general through music makes me happy.

Djing is definitely a self-rewarding activity, but, when I can share that music with others it makes me happy. My belief is that you should love your job and if you can create a business doing the thing you most love then you will be great at it. Playing in front of others is truly an amazing feeling. In this day and age Dj's are getting younger and younger and I feel I have a unique voice to bring with my DJing. I also believe we need more women DJs that can shape the future of music and entertainment and I aspire to be one of these people. In this role, I want to create a platform for up and coming young people who want to DJ as well, but don't know how or where to start. Teens of my generation listen to music on a daily basis which sets a high bar when assessing which teens really know music, beyond current hits. I admit young Dj's who not only have a passion and the skill to DJ but who also are educated on music history and its evolution.

I and my co-DJs bring the energy and fun to any party. When we play, the party is always dancing and people always have a good time. We listen to more music and are in touch with the musical trends, new mixes, and how to combine a playlist in a way that is uniquely fresh. We are deep on all genres of music, but if you want to get that vibe that is young and full of energy, our performances will bring that attitude and creativity. We love music and how it makes people feel and our sole goal is to have your clients have a great time.