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Your Messaging will fuel your marketing - always!
This is why I don't believe in simply giving a business owner tacts to implement but to help them find their voice, mission and a community of people that love their work.
When your messaging is aligned and lands in your community's heart, you will always have people coming to YOU to work together.

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22 September 2018

Elinor is ***INCREDIBLE***! I thought I was just signing up for some help writing text for my new website but what she offers is so much more and thorough! !! It was a deep transformational journey for my business where I really had to stop and reflect on a lot of what I was doing- mainly my mindset work around what was holding me back. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor to help give your business the powerful overhaul it needs! She is full of positivity and truly cares for her clients and delivers quality work way beyond what I could have expected :-) More...

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10 June 2015

Elinor at The Just Me Company was a pleasure to work with. I set up an hour online session with her all the way from Costa Rica and from start to beginning, her communication was excellent and very responsive. We went over Google Adwords campaign in an hour session and she helped clarify so many of my questions. I look forward to seeing how my knowledge will grow with Adwords from Elinor's help. Highly recommend!!


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I love helping business owners discover a way to reach more people in confidence - through online and offline channels.
I believe in cultivating a good mindset, metrics and marketing strategy. Once this infrastructure is in place, it becomes easier to achieve business goals.

The gap between marketing strategy and measuring the outcome - most business owners are not connected deeply to their numbers or have even set any kind of numerical goals in place. The numbers are like a compass, becasue if you don't have this compass, you will not know in which direction to go. Then, confusion sets in and growing your business becomes more difficult.

I'm equally creative, serviceable and analytical.
My clients often say to me.."how did you know I was thinking that?" or "I wasn't aware that the numbers will tell such a story about my business"
I am reliable, available and get my clients results on time.


Every company needs to give their business a VOICE that is beyond the strategies, tips and tricks.
There are human beings behind a business, and when you connect that human voice and dive deeply to learn the clients' thoughts, a beautiful message emerges that lands in the hearts and minds of the people that will want to work with you.
In order to find your voice and a community of people that love your work, you must learn to give your business a voice by telling its story.
This is a how a business will stand out , among all the noise out there in its industry.

A Facebook Group is the one thing that is going to make or break business who wants to have reach in 2020 and beyond. What we will do is:
- great a group
- build an email list
- create a content strategy
- nurture and grow the audience