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We are Atlanta’s premier Event Caterer and are the creators of the Macronutrient Meal Plan-a gourmet healthy living meal prep service.

The Macronutrient Meal Plan is a subscription based service providing completely Gluten & Sugar Free meals delivered to your home or office twice weekly.

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12 January 2021

First and foremost, he utilizes the concept of macronutrients. However, he can't provide the exact amount of Fat, Fiber, Carbs and Proteins that are within each serving. The prescribed amount of Marcos is always based on one's height, weight, age and activity level. My height, weight, age and activity level were never even asked. Prescribed Macros are always based one one’s bodily metrics. However, even more so, So Called Chef Jarvis can't even inform the general public the amounts of Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Fiber that are in each meal. All of the above is the very basics of Macronutrients

Nevertheless, I have a licensed dietician that have informed me of what my daily Macros intake should consist of. As a result, I simply needed someone to prepare my meals due to my hectic scheduled.

Upon eating the food, I immediately became ill. The food was spoiled and old. Do not purchase meal prep from Chef Jarvis. The food that I received was old and spoiled

30 December 2019

Really appreciate Chef Jarvis and his team for their clutch dinner service at my annual sister pajama jam. All the special ladies in my life loved their meal of stuffed cornish hen, stuffed portobello mushrooms and the delicious brussels sprouts (they were a hit)! Chef Jarvis was attentive to the many dietary needs in my family and each person felt taken care of due to Chef Jarvis's care. I'll definitely be using his service again in the future. Thank you! More...

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23 December 2019

Chef Jarvis and his staff are top-notch! He catered my daughter's graduation dinner and it was a premier event!  There is nothing he can't do!  He provides the total package from elegant dishes, decorating and many other services.  His staff was very professional, the food was outstanding and I will be booking him again. If you want top-notch, excellent food, service and professionalism, have Chef Jarvis Cater your next event!  You will not be disappointed! More...

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10 June 2019

Chef Jarvis did an excellent job catering our organization's meals in Atlanta, GA. Our caterer fell through last minute and I was able to get a hold of Chef Jarvis who stepped in and catered an incredible dinner for us. The meal was completely gluten free and had lots of vegan options for our group of 20 people. I highly recommend this catering service. It was so good we had him cater another meal for us two days later. Thank you! More...

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22 October 2018

Chef Jarvis is my new best friend! And he's gotten my eating habits a lot better! The food is fresh, it's tasty, and he asks you very detailed questions to know what kind of food he should prepare for you. And the best part, is he delivers! In the literal sense, that is! When you order food from him, he brings it to the door of your home or your office! Can't beat that kind of service and you can't beat the quality! More...

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13 April 2018

Chef Jarvis is AWESOME!! His food is so creative!! It keeps you healthy without being bored!! Love it!!!

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12 April 2018

If you're looking for a high-quality, organic meal service, start here. Truly healthy and tasty meal service rarely exist, especially ones that deliver this quality. Order anywhere in metro Atlanta and forget the hassle of doing research about others. Get the best, clean, organic meal service - consider Chef Jarvis. His culinary creations are undeniably healthy. Cooking with NO FLOUR & NO SUGAR is just revolutionary. Chef Jarvis's N'orleans inspired cuisine is amazing and has helped me and many others achieve a new level of success in fitness and wellness. More...

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11 April 2018

If you're looking for quality and unique food Chef Jarvis is the person you're looking for! Want to get summatime fine or anytime fine! ? His macro-nutrient meal prep plan is just what you need! He fills you you with nutritional goodness that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. Your tastebuds may not be ready for the change,  because seriously..who doesn't like burgers, fries, and fried chicken...stop drooling...you don't get that on his macro-nutrient meal but the beach and your body will thank you! I recommend Chef J!- Tiffany More...

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