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It's our business to build your brand. That's Simplee our promise. With eye catching design & sleek aesthetics, our team creates only the finest and cleanest looking interfaces. Simple. We believe your online presence should look as beautiful as it possibly can and we make sure it is.

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10 customer reviews

29 November 2020

Picking an agency for your brand re-fresh is one of the scariest decisions you make as a CMO. I am so glad we selected Simplee Built. Michael and the team are amazing. They were world class with the discovery, review and delivery process. At each step they were attentive to understand our business and translate that into great design. We went through several design revisions before we had that final "yes!" moment. We couldn't be more thrilled with the results. We will be working with Visual Soldiers for a long time... we're BIG fans. (Tim and the team at CCNYC) More...

11 June 2020

During Covid-19, we wanted to start a legal hotline to help everybody struggling. We needed to spread the word fast and have someone help us create a website. So we contacted Simplee Built, and they did this website for free. They told us that they want to take part in helping our community during this time of struggle. They are arent just a great team; they feel for their neighborhood and improve their community. We thank you, Simplee Built, for really helping us help our community. More...

11 June 2020

We have been working with Simplee Built since 2017, whenever they just started their company. They created a beautiful website for us, and they even took it a step further. They helped us run campaigns and bring in new clients. They are incredibly professional and have handled all tasks provided by me correctly. I recommend them 100%, in case you were wondering my website is www.jacobspc.com, take a look for yourself! More...

26 April 2020

Working in one of the most populated cities in the world I found myself struggling to stay ahead of my competition. Especially nowadays with the age of technology. I came to Simplee Built with a few issues I had raised specifically in staying ahead. They built for me a powerful program to help manage my in-house products and orders. 5-stars and definitely recommended to anyone looking for proper developers. More...

24 April 2020

We hired Simplee Built Sites, LLC to rebuild our website. https://firstclasstimepieces.com. They did a marvelous job. They uploaded all of our product images, they built it from scratch and made sure to photoshop all of our images for everything to look extremely professional, and it does. I recommend using them for any online solutions. They are extremely professional. More...

24 April 2020

We hired Simplee Built to build our website, social media accounts, and a client portal. They were amazing. They built everything within a 30-day timeframe and explained in detail how to manage everything. We will be using you guys to market our business. Thanks for all the help! More...

24 April 2020

Simplee Built helped us with all of our online and offline solutions, they helped us market our business and spread the word of our establishment locally. They created business cards and flyers for affordable prices. I recommend them 100% to starters or even small business owners, they are the go-to company. More...

24 April 2020

Absolutely an amazing organization run by fantastic leadership. Simplee Built really takes the time to listen, understand, and most of all produce. I have has the pleasure to work with this organization time and time again and have always been extremely satisfied. Strongly recommend this company for your website solutions. More...

28 June 2019

We retained Simplee Built to develop a new website for our firm, and couldn’t be more delighted with the final product. The team was professional and responsive, and worked diligently to ensure that the content layout of the website was up to our standard, while providing substantive suggestions to make the website visually appealing . We were provided with multiple iterations of the website design so that we could choose between different layouts. It was a great experience working with the team. More...

17 June 2019

Truth be told, my wife and I were probably one of the the most high maintenance, picky, walk-me-through-it-step-by-step clients they've ever had, but the Simplee team handled us with professionalism and (unbelievable) patience throughout the entire process! !

Working in a five star service industry, our expectations were extremely high, but they certainly met and exceeded all of them. The best parts of our experience were that the time was actually taken to explain everything, we were kept updated constantly and they quickly updated any changes we requested (which is rare to find such quick response time these days with client service).

We've now worked with Simplee Built on multiple projects together, everything from Web design to SEO and marketing, which they delivered brilliantly on each time! We refer them as much as we can since it's definitely hard to find people who not only enjoy what they do, but ACTUALLY make the experience enjoyable for their clients.

Five thumbs up!!!


1. Responsive design. As time has progressed, it has become more and more crucial to feature responsive web design, which basically means that whether you're browsing on a PC, Tablet, or mobile device, you will always be served quality content in a presentable and appealing format.

2. Keep it Simple. No matter the industry, brand, or business-- cluttering your site will overwhelm the average user. Not much reason for further reasoning, read the name ?.

3. Stand out. Websites that provide visitors with useful information in a variety of formats, such as video and images vs. text when possible, will have greater success than those that don’t meet the needs of today’s website viewers. Don't sweat it, this is all in our wheelhouse. We do the grunt work to get the ball rolling on your New Brand.

Ready to grow your brand?

1. What's the current scale of your business?
2. What's the current business status
3. Introduce your team!
4. Current online presence (if applicable)
5. How big do you want to grow? (Neptune's the limit ;)
6. Budget-- We take pride in working with our clients to bring them the best services for their dollar.
7. Sit back and watch your business take off :D

Our business was founded off of the struggle of starting our very own website selling software. We realized how poor the performance of the "professionals" was, and we decided to take matters into our own hands and building our own platform (after all, we were already in software :) Once we saw the potential and quality of our work, we decided to dip into each and every market. Starting from small businesses and working our way up to bettering already great brands. We can now proudly say with certainty that we service everybody in need of e-business solutions.

Not to boast, but we're the best. Our references range from Mom and Pop shops to global business giants. Your web presence is not a place to skimp. Go with the best. Grow with Simplee Built®. We look forward to building together :)