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I help people who need to get moving get moving & people who need to slow down slow down. From my own success in overcoming endless striving toward goals, too much thinking, too little movement & too little self-care that ballooned into an anxiety disorder & subsequent “implosion”, I can share what I learned to help you identify better priorities & a healthier, happier work-life balance with the aid of one-on-one life & health coaching and yoga therapy, including breath control & meditation. All of it tailored to YOUR needs.

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1 August 2021

Before Sharon Kanfoush Wellness I was in a bad rut of too much work, anxiety and depression. Once I found her yoga classes and her personal training offerings, it changed my life.

I’ve been taking her classes for many years now (including while pregnant and then after giving birth) and during that time I’ve felt so much better physically and mentally. I have more energy daily and I’m able to handle the big stresses in life much better. I’m no longer so overwhelmed by work and tasks no longer seem so impossible. I hear her voice telling me “you can do hard things!” and I feel empowered and capable. Sharon Kanfoush Wellness is so much more than exercise, it’s a reboot for your mind and sanity!

Her classes aren’t intimidating and are perfect for beginners, while also providing challenges for those more experienced. Every class I take with her has such a nice community feel because she does an amazing job fostering a supportive and encouraging environment. I love Sharon, and I love the people who Sharon attracts to her classes. I've found good friends through her classes as well, and I feel so much support from Sharon and everyone else in class too.

Sharon is so real, genuine and not intimidating at all, which I think is a real rarity and something much needed in the health and wellness industry. It’s not about working out to fit into a small black dress, it’s about taking a moment to breathe, learning to roll with the punches, learning about your body and what it needs, and learning to take care of yourself and be happy in life.

Try a class with Sharon, you won’t regret it!

31 July 2021

have been a member of Sharon’s studio for over a year now. I have greater flexibility in neck and back, along with significantly increased core strength to help support those weaker areas. Also, the practice of breath and slow movements through the yoga poses has helped manage the stress of life, work and COVID-19. Sharon’s practices are small and structured so that she can individualize the poses for safety and comfort of each person.
I have felt very comfortable throughout Covid-19,
as Sharon has undergone site inspections to approve of the studio fixed distancing and safety practices in place. In addition, participants can join classes via Zoom. Great place with small class sizes- come try it out!

30 July 2021

For years I struggled with the weight of feeling overwhelmed and trapped in the every day. With each session with Sharon, I learned a new powerful tool in the escape of the hustle and bustle of life and, more importantly, gained comfort in simply being. I highly recommend Sharon's one-on-one meditation classes and would encourage anyone even toying with the idea to dive in with their hearts first More...

30 July 2021

You got it!

“Stress was a big problem for me and was affecting my health in a negative way. My doctor recommended yoga and meditation. I always said I couldn't meditate, but after my first session with Sharon at Sharon Kanfoush Wellness, I was a believer. I'm handling stress better, sleeping better and feeling better overall. Sharon has taught me lessons and techniques that I can carry over into my life and use on my own whenever necessary. I highly recommend giving her classes a try." --Patti Gallacher More...

30 July 2021

Sharon has such great knowledge of yoga, workouts, etc. She works with us to make sure we can do the move correctly - and if not she helps us to make changes in order to not hurt ourselves. I've had back surgery - spinal fusion at lower lumbar just 24 months ago and I've already made really good strides. Sharon is a really good instructor and I appreciate her help so much! Sharon also provides way more than yoga instruction! It's awesome to have so many options in one place. More...


To achieve wellness, including fitness & a healthy weight, I teach my clients the importance of very small changes done consistently.

I do not help clients achieve the body of their dreams; I help them improve their health & overall wellness - and then learn to embrace & truly appreciate what their body accomplished fit them on a daily basis.

I love helping people feel better & realize the keys to feeling better are in their own hands by making a series of small changes!

My own struggles with emotional stress, anxiety & burnout coupled with years of physical inactivity inspired me to finally say enough is enough. And I want to help others who have reached that same point.

I have been there, I know how feels, I know how time passes by and falling out of balance can sneak up on you… and so there is ZERO judgment here. In my own quest for wellness, balance & resilience, I dived in with both feet seeking out several different wellness modalities to uncover effective ways to help people feel better.

I provide my services remotely using Zoom, Google Duo, or Facebook video chat - whichever is easiest for you. For yoga or somatic movement on the mat, Zoom is best.

In response to covid-19, and it’s ever-changing rates & requirements, I am now offering most of my services remotely so that you can work from the safety and comfort of your home.


We will as a team help you identify your goals & priorities and then use breath control & meditation to help you take control of your anxiety, moods & emotions; simple yoga, somatic movements, and other strategies to improve your physical health in order to build resilience to be equipped to better weather life’s inevitable storms. To guide us, we will use a koshic model. The koshas, sometimes called “sheaths”, are the layers of our being and include the physical body, breath body, emotional body, wisdom body & the bliss body. The bliss body is the unchanging part that is your true essence - your soul.

Yes, you can meditate! Trust me. I have taught many people who were convinced it was not something they could do. I will explain what meditation is, how to do it, and what to do when (not if!) you struggle. I utilize - and will teach you - a variety of pranayama (breath control), concentration meditation, and relaxation techniques to equip you with a “toolbox” filled with a variety of tools to use in a variety of situations.

In my opinion, EVERYONE can benefit from chair yoga! It is obviously accessible & beneficial to people who struggle to get down on & up from the mat. But it is also great for office workers or others who spend long hours sitting, overachievers who need to stop pushing & learn to embrace a more gentle approach, and even athletes who are injured or experiencing overtraining.

This is sometimes called yogic sleep, which is a misnomer because the goal is not to fall asleep but rather to access a level of relaxation that is profound and profoundly restorative. It is an ancient guided meditation technique, or narrated visualization/journey meditation, that explicitly leads you through the 5 koshas. The koshas, sometimes called “sheaths”, are the layers of our being and include the physical body, breath body, emotional body, wisdom body & the bliss body. The bliss body is the unchanging part that is your true essence - your soul.

Dr. Thomas Hanna coined the term somatics in the 1970s and argued that much of our chronic physical pain is due not to aging but rather to chronically contracted muscles that have been habitually contracted for so long that we have lost conscious awareness of it. Let me guide you in a variety of neuromuscular re-education techniques developed by Hanna, as well as some borrowed from his predecessors Moshe Feldenkrais and F.M. Alexander, to help you regain control and relieve chronic pain!