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San Antonio, Texas

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I am my own business, so I will be giving my clients my 100% undivided attention at any time that they need me. This includes any questions they may have, during the session or outside of the session. My phone is alway on and near me, as well as, my computer for emails!


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I help them by taking their individual goals and creating a fitness profile. After the fitness profile, I will create an individual workout plan that meets their individual needs.

There is no secret! I will be able to fit the programs to their individual needs and capabilities to get their own version of "a dream body".

I love helping people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my clients faces light up when they see their results, when they see that they are actually improving so much.

I just like the challenge. The challenge of starting my own individual business on my own and being able to make it personal with my clients.

Im young, outgoing, very knowledgeable. I am also kind and ready to work at anytime. I love what I do and the people I work with. I am very capable of training any person of any age at any fitness level and will have the smile my clients need every day.


Pitching, Catching, Infield, Outfield, Conditioning, Footwork, Hitting