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Get a free quote from this professional

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Royal Broadcasting Company is a News/Media production and marketing company with a particular emphasis on providing a medium for the voiceless.

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26 February 2019

It’s great to give those who don’t get the chance to get a chance

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7 December 2018

I have used their services many times. They are very professional, extremely friendly and helpful. The end results are beautiful.

I highly recommend them, you will be very satisfied.

7 December 2018

RBC did a good job talked to me throughout letting me know stage by stage what they were doing, they did a great job

7 December 2018

“Royal Broadcasting Company (RBC) are excellent, great super fast service, best prices, and excellent quality production and marketing. Highly recommended”

7 December 2018

This is great company, love their work with an amazing customer service.....I will continue to use your services, great video , and thanks for marketing my service.

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20 June 2018

This is a unique show that will help you developed your awareness of community issues and services. You will enjoy your experience with this show. Watch and pass it on to others.�

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Click on the link to learn more: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GG1Dsupg2d0NzSlRqk3q6TiFNZdmv33K/view?usp=sharing

• Start with Providing Basic Company Information on Your Website.
• Add Testimonial Videos from Your Best Customers.
• Take Advantage of Online Branding Tools
• Be Strategic with Your Logo Design
• Make Sure That Your Contact Details Are Consistent on all Platforms
• Install a Security Suite to Protect Your Customer’s Data
• Install a Security Suite to Protect Your Customer’s Data
• Link to Your Social Media Pages and Keep Them Updated
• Post Your Phone Number on Every Page of Your Website
• Keep Your Messaging Short and Personal
• Optimize Your Website for Search Engines from the Start
• Include a Blog and Share Valuable Content with Your Audience
• Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
• Include a Clear Contact Us Page
• Include a Focus Keyword on Your Website’s Main Page
• Have a Strong Call to Action on the Home Page
• Dedicate a Page to Share Client Testimonials
• Include Features That Build a Personal Connection with Your Audience
• Set Up a Press Page to Earn People’s Trust
• Give Your Website a Slick Menu
• Use a Professional Web Host for Your Website

General client Question
What do and don't you need? ...
What problems are you facing? ...
Who are the decision-makers, and what is the approval process? ...
What are your expectations? ...
What is your budget, and when do you want to start? ...
What would you view as a success? ...
How can I help you do your job better?

Video Production Question.
What's the purpose of the video?
What is the video content?
Who is your target audience?
What are my key messages/
Have you designed a storyboard?
What is your ideal timeline?
What is your project budget?
How long would you like the final footage to be (approximately)?
When do you need the finished video back by?
Is your video part of a strategy or campaign?
How will you measure results & ROI?
What emotion are we trying to evoke?
What specific visuals should be captured?
Who will speak on behalf of the organization?
What questions should I ask the interview subjects?
Should I script the answers to the questions?
What happens if they don't get the answer right the first time?
Should I correct someone if they say the wrong thing?
Who needs to approve the final video?
Where will the video be shot?
How will the final video be hosted, distributed, and repackaged?
Please give details of any specific requirements? (e.g. Use of company logos, colors, sounds etc.)

Website Design Question
Describe your business in a few sentences. ...
Do you currently have a website? ...
What type of website is it?
What are the objectives of your website?
What are your goals for this project? ...
How soon would you like the project to begin?
Who is your target audience? ...
Is there anything in particular you want on the site? ...
How can we avoid failure?
Who are your main competitors?
What makes you different from your competitors?
What’s the scope of the project?
What is the deadline for this project?

What makes us love about our Job is our client-focused strategy, helping people achieve long-term business and revenue goals by increasing the lifetime value of customers, enabling you to sell again and again.

We are inspired by the pursuit of our passion for the love of people, the goal of helping businesses, education, entertainment, and providing a digital medium for the voiceless.

With a client-focused strategy, we study and acquire Knowledge and data of your customers by gaining knowledge of your specific customer's needs in the market and build your project around them.
We do not only focus on user or viewer engagement or beautiful design. We understand that the ultimate goal of any company initiative is to drive business growth, user engagement, and revenue. As such, we think beyond marketing, beautiful designs and prioritize your company’s long-term business and revenue goals. If you believe in our strategy hire us.