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I’d like to tell you about how I would like to guide you through this transformation .Whether your an Adult or Teen I’m going to help you rethink and rewire the way you handle your thoughts and in turn the way you handle problems. You will be glad you joined the 4 week course and monthly courses.

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17 September 2021

I have benefited from Rethinkology. It’s helped me think about how I think. I question my erroneous thinking now and once I change it my life improves. This is a formula that I use daily! More...

17 September 2021

Mental Clarity sums up my experience. Something rare to experience nowadays. Feeling refreshed and renewed. 10 out of 10 recommend!

16 September 2021

Lisa has provided great sessions to work through emotional and mental health issues. She provides practical solutions and helps to identify the real, underlying issues. Thank you Lisa!

15 September 2021

Excellent very informative puts life’s challenges in perspective!!


Assisting others to get through everyday life with the least amount of stress, pain and confusion.

The desire to provide a more meaningful transformation emotionally than could be provided working in an office setting. I wanted to use real everyday life situations to help others refocus and rethink their emotions in settings or situations they are most familiar with.

I care. I also feel and understand having my own life experiences working with adults teens and the elderly. I’ve lived overseas in two other countries and see others stress and triggers from an international outlook. I realize through volunteer work and Client contact that no matter where you are in this world we all have a need to feel emotionally strong and healthy.

Yes I have online courses that have been prepared along with interactive calls in Zoom or Google Meet.

Working with them online. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone.Meeting online and having uploaded courses makes it easier to stay safe . Clients enjoy being in a home setting and getting the assistance that they need.


1.Working on regrets and past disappointments. Focusing on your future.

2.Gaining control of your emotions with work and your friends, protecting yourself.

3. Taking each day at a time to refocus your mind on positives lessening the negative aspects.

4-6 Weeks of One on One conversation reviewing the course video that is sent each week on Sunday

Personal reflection projects(one per week) that will help you see areas that need emotional transformation.

Adjustments will be made based on any occurrences that may happen on a weekly basis.

We will use Zoom or Google Meet
Camera off or on (your choice)