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West Chester, Ohio

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I provide private, in-home dog training and behavioral modification services, and now Online Remote training sessions! My specialty is training dogs with serious issues such as aggression and separation anxiety.

I train all dogs to respond to all commands on a reliable, consistent basis, using reward-based methods.


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27 October 2019

Cheryl comes to you and not only trains your dog but trains you also. Trained my somewhat aggressive gsd to become a calm, respectful, part of the family. Went thru 3 trainers with poor results. Call her, you wont be sorru More...

22 August 2019

I would recommend Cheryl to anyone without hesitation.  We hired her right around the time our dog turned 1.  He was still going to the bathroom inside the house, a very erratic walker on--leash, picked up tons of wood chips/trash and even dog poop off the ground, jumped up at the table while we were eating dinner, and all around was running the show in our home.  He was also really afraid of other people and had a serious barking problem.  We had minimal success with previous training techniques, because he is smart enough to perform really well when treats were involved, but didn't want to listen in the absence of treats.  Cheryl worked with him for 4-5 months and has turned him into a much better behaved version of himself.  Things we love about Cheryl:- She is wonderful to work with, always arrives on time on early and is very professional- She comes to you and works in your home (and around your home) so that she can see issues occur in their environment- She has great rapport with dogs- She teaches you and your dog at the same time so that you better understand each other- She understands that dogs are not all the same and will edit/tailor the training to how your dog responds.We have now "graduated" and our dog is still doing great, but Cheryl offers a lifetime guarantee so that if unwanted behavior returns, we just call her and she will be back.  We honestly cannot thank her enough! More...

4 July 2019

she's a little Dog that gets excited and pees on me and my Bedding

7 June 2019

After failing with 3 other trainers, Cheryl has been a Godsend. The best dog trainer on the planet. Cheryl can work with any disposition, breed, or issue. Results are both profound and long-lasting. You will NOT regret working with Cheryl or investing the time in your pet. Make Raise the Bar the first and last stop for training. More...

19 March 2019

Cheryl was absolutely wonderful with our coonhound. He responded to the training and her very well. Kojack can now walk without pulling and tugging. His manners are dramatically better than before the training. He has a much more calm demeanor, and is now able to control his energy. Our friends and family have said recently, He does not even seem like the same dog! We loved him before, but we love him even more now. We would highly recommend this training program! More...

15 March 2019

Cheryl is so wonderful with dogs/puppies. She always is available to answer any questions and truly seems to be doing it because she loves to do it and loves all the dogs. I learned so much in a short amount of time and will continue to go back as often as I can. More...

16 February 2019

Cheryl did a great job with our Havanese, especially working with our son. The whole family enjoyed the Raise the Bar!

30 November 2018

My husband and I were very hesitant to sign up our three-year-old Maltese for training. Honestly, we felt like his issues were beyond anything a trainer could even begin to repair. We had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Our vet recommended Cheryl and it has been a godsend! More...

3 October 2018

Our mini goldendoodle had some pretty serious resource guarding issues. We initially used a different trainer. We had sent our pup away to a “boot camp” for 3 weeks and then followed that up with several months of in-home training. Unfortunately we weren’t getting anywhere. The situation was getting worse instead of better, and we were worried about having to re-home her. As a “last ditch” effort we called Cheryl to see if she could help us. She ended up being our knight in shining armor! Within 1 month of working with Cheryl our dog showed no signs of resource guarding and in the process had become a much calmer and more relaxed part of the family! We were blown away by the fact that Cheryl fixed the issue so quickly! Cheryl not only trained our dog, but she trained our family on how to train our dog. Cheryl is very compassionate, responsive, and knowledgeable. If you are in need of a trainer, I’d highly recommend her! More...

18 August 2018

Definitely the best. She trained my husky

1 July 2018

Cheryl is an excellent trainer! My wife and I took in a one year old GSD not long ago. Needless to say she had some behavioral issues. .. After our time with Cheryl she is a completely different dog. We hired her because we have a 15 year old orange tabby that is set in his ways, and has never had exposure to any dog. Especially a young, and active one at that! After a couple months we have both of them together, and our GSD is even sleeping in our room with us at night! Before we would have never left them alone together without supervision out of fear of our cat being injured! This program works!! If you're really invested in helping your dog become confident, calmer, more well behaved, and to live a happier life without anxiety, fear, or aggression Raise the Bar is the way to go!! More...

13 March 2018

Provided Pet First Aid training to our Girl Scout Troop. Excellent information and presentation. An asset to the community!

7 July 2017

Being in the dog boarding and daycare field, I have worked with a lot of dog trainers. Cheryl and RTB are the best of the breed. She demonstrates well that she knows dogs and how to best address basic training as well as complex behavior and aggression related issues. I appreciate her patience and willingness to ho the extra mile. I would take my dogs to her first to help start them on the right paw. More...

24 March 2017

I have a 3 month old puppy, an australian shepherd and got to know about Raise the bar Dog training from Tumbtrack. Cherly is an angel who got in my life not just as a dog trainer but such an amazing human being. She has the potential to not just be a dog whisper but do so much more than that. I would recommend you to her without a second doubt.. thanks a lot Cherly for being such a great support to us. More...

24 January 2017

My 9 year old dog Rose & I moved to Cincinnati with some bad habits before, and then came the squirrels... I have never been more in control of her 80lbs. I can't thank Cheryl enough for her diligence, guidance & patience with BOTH of us. We still have some work, and it might take some time, but for the first time EVER I feel confident that we can figure it out. More...

5 March 2016

Cheryl has been very helpful with our redbone coonhound Hank . From the beginning she told me we are going to set Hank up to succeed and that is just what she did. Hank was a very reactive dog and now he is learning to be calm he lets people come up to him and pet him which is a big improvement! I definitely recommend Cheryl and " Raise the Bar Dog Training " More...

19 January 2016

I highly recommend Cheryl! She helped us and within a month our fearful aggressive dog no longer attacks people when they come over, walks good on a leash, etc. We thought we were going to have to give him up, but with Cheryl's training he has become a great dog!! More...

9 November 2015

Cheryl from Raise the Bar is a life saver! Being in an area surrounded by neighbor dogs, our two dachshunds were always outside, incessantly barking and jumping on the fence. I even dreaded taking them on walks, embarrassed by how they would aggressively bark at every dog and person we would pass. Enter Cheryl, who helped coach the dogs (and me!) on how to  listen, stay alert and relaxed, so that we can enjoy our outdoor time. Halfway through the training, we adopted a third dog, and Cheryl helped train him with our two little guys, and help integrate him into our family. Now we have three dogs who know how to listen and get along SO well together! Thanks Cheryl! Marty, Oscar and Woody miss you already ;-) More...

11 June 2015

Cheryl is an absolute pleasure to work with. She genuinely wants every dog to succeed. She takes ample time in meeting with you and your pups to see what needs to be addressed and corrected in a positive way!


The fee for this is $575.00, for 3-4 remote sessions, and also includes an in-person follow up, when it's appropriate. The fee would also apply to any in-person training you elect to do in the future.

Training classes teach you how to best communicate with your puppy. My organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your puppy to socialize off-leash with other puppies. In classes aimed at earning the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction, you’ll be able to get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy training is a natural lead in to the AKC® Canine Good Citizen® Program.

Raise the Bar’s group class curriculum actually focuses on the functional side of obedience training, and how the basic obedience commands can be used to help their dog achieve behavioral life-long balance. We teach basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and heel—like most classes—but we also teach you how to properly deliver these commands so you feel confident, comfortable, and in control at all times. We teach you how to utilize these commands and new-found confidence to curb future behavior problems on your own, hopefully negating the need to see a trainer again. We teach you about proper bonding, so both you and your dog learn to trust and respect one another. This will help you rely on your dog, and it will help your dog follow your directions without hesitation. We make sure to practice the training in various real-world situations, filled with distractions and behavioral triggers, ensuring your dog keeps his/her focus on you at all times. At the end of the 6 week classes, your dog gets his AKC CGC Designation and Certificate!

$1375 - All-inclusive training and lifetime support for aggressive dogs, dogs with extreme behavior issues, and/or multi dog households. Aged six months and older. Includes special handling and training designed to address special needs, such as aggression, separation anxiety and fear biting.

$575 - Puppy Training! 4 one hour in-home sessions. Be proactive versus reactive with your new puppy. Get started on the right foot with my in-home puppy training program. I will cover housebreaking, crate training, leash walking, nipping, jumping, basic commands and more. If you want/need additional training you may upgrade to the Trainer on Retainer package and this fee will be applied.