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Pilates Vitale started with the very best Denver pilates instructors. Our new and improved Denver pilates studio features the latest pilates & yoga equipment. Pilates was originally created for its powerful rehabilitative qualities. It spread like wildfire across the world.

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17 February 2019

Tara is a skilled trainer and a lovely person. She has a wonderful way with people.

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2 February 2019

My personal trainer, Tara gave me a program that I diligently followed and I lost about 15 pounds in 5 weeks. She gives great advice on diet, workouts and post workout stretching. Anyone out there looking to loose weight and get fit, all you have to do is follow what Tara says and commit to her plan - The results will follow. More...

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2 November 2018

Tara's Pilates classes are the highlights of my week! She brings an enthusiasm that can't be beat and she pays attention to the needs of all participants. I see real results without having to worry about injury. The best part is, after her class I always feel rejuvenated and all of the Pilates work compliments my other workouts and activities, driving me to be the best me I can be. Tara is the best! More...

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12 October 2018

Tara and Chrissie do a great job! After taking private classes for a year I switched to classes at Pilates Vitale and it has been twice as beneficial and less expensive. Recently I rode the Tour of the Moon cycling event and could tell that my core was stronger and overall I felt “strong”. Sure, I trained in other ways but I definitely felt like Pilates was the most beneficial component. Tara is also very aware of people’s aches, pains, and issues and has proven to be extremely helpful with injuries and other physical limitations. Their patience with beginners is great and they always show genuine concern. Most of all, I have had fun along the way as it is a very joyful experience! More...

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2 September 2018

Tara is a great instructor! Always upbeat and positive is good about adjusting for injuries ! I have been in class for only 9 sessions but I can feel the changes already !!

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2 September 2018

Highly recommended!!! Give this a try along with other exercise that you do and it’s a tougher workout then you may think !!

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2 September 2018

I started working with Tara about a month ago. Already, I can see changes in my body. From the beginning Tara has worked with me to modify my workout due to some past injuries that have led to current pain and weakness. She is very knowledgeable of the physiology of the body and of how to correct different issues through Pilates. Even in a group setting she manages to focus on what we each individually need and how we are progressing. I would recommend Tara and her studio to anyone whether you are looking for a great workout, increased mobility and functionality, or relief from a specific injury. I am very glad I found this place. More...

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11 August 2018

I have taken Pilates from Tara twice a week for the last two years and can vouch for her expertise and professionalism. Over and over I have seen her gently correct form and tactfully customize exercise to ability. Every workout is different and full body, so there is no rote tedium and, as others have said, the results are astounding. What truly sets Tara apart from other instructors, though, is her positive energy. She creates a space that is warm and inviting and just nice to be there. That, as much as anything, is what keeps me coming back again and again. Highly recommend. More...

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After teaching Pilates for 15 years Tara Ritchie founded Pilates Vitale in 2017. She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Massage Therapist. She teaches therapeutic Pilates for those who have had injuries or high-intensity fitness for those ready to take their body to the next level. She believes that Pilates is the best way to achieve grace in your body without having to endure the years of dance choreography classes and performances that she did.
With her unique style she creates a perfect balance of strength and flexibility to fit the needs of her clients. Tara grew up skiing and weight training with her parents in Boulder, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico. As a result, she developed a passion and knowledge for the fitness industry that continues to motivate her to instill a healthier and active lifestyle in everyone she meets.

15 Years Teaching Experience
20 Certifications including Pilates for Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Holistic Nutrition and Fitness Yoga
​Hamline University, BA Exercise Science

Mindset and habits. Change how you think about yourself, your feelings will change and so will your actions. Start with 5 minutes a day until it’s a habit. Build up to 15 minutes and eventually you’ll love it so much you won’t want to stop there.

I love working with women to feel more empowered in their eating, movement and everyday activities. I also love working with couples and men who are mindful.

When I studied Pilates from an instructor in her eighties and then taught several older clients, I realized this was something that people could enjoy at any age or ability. Pilates prolongs the life of your joints and tissues by addressing muscle imbalances, improving posture, and being low -impact. It is very dynamic and is also the best approach to whole body fitness and inner strength.

15 years Experience
20 Certifications
BA Exercise Science


This one on one instruction addressed muscle imbalances and ensures that you will prevent injuries and decrease and irradiate pain.