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I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember! My journey behind the camera started some 15 years ago. Prior to coming to the United States and launching my photography business, I played a huge role in India’s entertainment industry.

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Capturing The perfect moment & the comfort and trust between the client and the photographer .

What kind of pictures are you looking for . What loacrions do you have in mind .

I love capturing the moments . Moments of different people and culture and religion .

I work well when i am under pressure by i. Me and myself

I am highly professional
Clients are confortable working with me .
I help clients with styling and also the most imporaynt part - i deliver pictures in 48 hrs from the shoot time .

I am vaccinated and i wear mask all the time outdoors in public .


I am specialized in portrait sessions $350

I am experienced in engagement sessions $350

I am specialized in family portraits $250