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Party Djs

Los Angeles, Los Angeles

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Hello, my name is Donovan Guiga. My company offers Karaoke and DJ services for any types of events. I have my own equipment that includes some of the top known brands in the industry. I have been doing this for 3 years now and have many people whom I regularly do parties for.

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Well, there is only one thing you need to follow to keep people dancing. If you keep the speed of the music and the lights in the room beating at the same time almost like the room has a beating heart, the human heart will subtly start to follow that rhythm. When the human heart starts to beat a little bit faster, it triggers an adrenaline rush and once that has happened people will party all day and all night long.

What is a DJ you might ask? Someone inexperienced might say "Oh, they just play the music." In reality, my job is to make you have fun. I know when my job is completed when people after the party come up to chat with me about the awesome time they had. The gratification I get from that is what I love about DJ- ing.

My clients choose me for a number of reasons. The most important being versatility. My music library is so big that I can play any type of music you could imagine. It is solely based on what the customer likes to hear. This is what really sets me apart in relation to some of my other competition because I can change my music style on command in seconds. I can play anything from Opera to Rap, Reggae to Heavy Metal. You just have to ask. Another Reason I am chosen is because I am also a professional singer who has performed at places like Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Disney Hall, The Dorthey Chandler, The Ahmanson, The Broad Stage, The Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels, Lincoln Center and many more. This means I not only have 9 years of professional stage experience, but I can also sing any song or set of songs on command just in case you may want that.