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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We're a full-service Commercial, Advertising, Corporate & Industrial Photography Studio.

With over 25 years of full-time experience, we're one of the areas leading & most established studios.

Our centrally located studio features a full kitchen for great food photography, and we're easily

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28 November 2018

I'm a fellow photographer and I occasionally refer clients I cannot handle because I'm overbooked. I have feed back from at least 1 client in the last 2 years who mentioned that Mike took care of them and they were quite happy with their results. Its a shame that there is a growing group of fake reviewers who may be competitors or internet reputation companies looking to sell their services. I have also been targeted by them. The review from "princess L" sound very familiar to the fake ones I received in the last year. They even mentioned another photographer in one of my reviews and he says that he has never worked for that individual. The photographer even went out of his way to 5 star review my services after building a professional relationship with me. I strongly believe that the fake reviews are mostly from young competitors looking to promote themselves by knocking down seasoned professionals like Mike and myself. It is a shame that Google refuses to address this growing problem by ignoring the flaw in their algorithm and company policy. Speaking with Googles customer service in Asia is completely worthless. They follow a script and always state that they cannot do anything because the policies don't allow them to investigate further. Another sad day for Google. Cheers to you Mike. More...

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27 May 2018

Excellent photographer. Zimmerman Photography always delivers stellar photos.

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21 January 2012

Looking for the best photographer in Fort Lauderdale? Use Mike. His work is superb and he always knows the best way to capture any subject. I've used him for more than 12 years and would not use any other photographer ... EVER! My clients are always pleased with the results. Even though I now live in Fort Pierce I still use Mike. He's so easy to work with and accommodates me by working remotely -- sending JPGs for review during the shoot. I send him a layout, make a few suggestions, and always get something better than expected. He's the best! More...

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12 January 2012

A real professional.

As a graphic designer, I've used Mike Zimmerman for product photography for many of my clients. Whether I want straight product shots or glamor compositions using some of Mike's extensive props (my favorite is the reflective black glass to rest the product on), his work is excellent. The technical quality and resolution is second to none, but what's even more impressive to me as a designer, is his artistic eye in creating complex set shots. One of my favorites is a shot he did where he shaped a stereo cable into the shape of a treble clef, and photographed it on the reflective black glass. It was a real work of art. I would highly recommend Mike. He's not only a true artist, but a reliable professional. He's never disappointed me. More...

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12 January 2012

Mike has never failed to produce great work and on short notice. After over 10 years of working with Mike, both I and my clients are happy with the service and the quality.

This includes shoots with product, shoots with models, shoots with both and more than one excellent location shoot. There has not been a single occasion that Mike has not been available to get the work done. I recommend him with no reservations at all. If you want great photography using the most current technologies and a level of creativity rare in photographers, call Mike.

(I had to redo this since it got truncated below. Darn technology!)

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That's the difference between Professionals & "everyone else..."

I don't TAKE photographs, I MAKE them...

When you hire a photographer, you don't want to chance they'll
"take a few good shots..."

You NEED a PROFESSIONAL that will take control of the location, talent,
backgrounds, products, lighting, staging, etc...all from start to finish, and MAKE the images
the best they can be...

Broad question, as every project has it's nuances...

Asking questions helps keep things running smoothly and avoiding
problems before they crop up...

And a smooth shoot ensures the best images, and that everyone enjoys the shoot...

Creative freedom, being my own boss, helping clients solve their imaging problems.

Lack of creativity at the previous catalog studio I was working at, and lack of opportunity
there as well.

Simple...I produce results... on time & within the budget...

With my experience, knowledge & creativity, I feel I bring a lot to the table, and
since my clients keep coming back, I figure I've been doing something right...