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Astoria, NY


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My name is Mauro Olmedo and I'm a certified fitness professional.

Since I decided to make my hobby a profession, I have focused on helping people to have a better quality of life and share my experience with my clients to achieve the results they seek as a team.

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11 November 2020

he pays attention to details and that's something i really like because i feel like i'm working with someone who knows what's doing and has passion for

11 November 2020

I liked the exercise routine we did since I saw results very soon

31 October 2020

A really nice guy and seems to have a lot of passion to explain things . I really needed someone to push me a little bit more like he has been doing!


Communication is a great thing when you can understand yourself with another person. I seek the same with my clients.

Good communication between us is something that will allow us to go far, to know what your goals are, what things you think you can do and what not, what exercises you like more than others, etc.

All of these factors combined make exercise challenging but also pleasant and enjoyable so at the end of the day you can go to bed knowing that you are on your way to becoming the person you want.

The secret is that there is no secret. This question it's a very common question I receive from my clients and the truth is that all comes down to one thing: Dedication.

This dedication is to yourself, not to the coach. I'm just someone who is going to help you to take the right path, but then it is in my clients and their determination to meet their goals.

Motivation plays an important role in this path. Do you wake up every day thinking about what path you should take to achieve what you want?

Think for a moment how it would feel to know that someone is supporting you and that little by little you feel a change in both your physique and your mind.

That is the turning point between where you were and where you want to go.

Teamwork makes the dream works. That is what I always say, I'm here to help people, create a team, and achieve results in an efficient way.

I like being able to find in my clients what is preventing them from progressing in terms of habits and lifestyle. I feel that I have a lot of information at my disposal to help people improve their quality of life.

The feedback that I always receive when clients see results is something that gives me great satisfaction.

Seeing my clients improving every day feels great and it also motivates us both to keep trying harder and harder.

As I got more involved in sports I began to realize that I had learned a lot of things that perhaps other people did not know clearly and the fact of being able to help them and guide them in a better way makes me feel very good.

Passion for what I do. That is something that I feel defines my work.

I have heard and seen a lot of trainers giving a generic class to their clients and not paying attention to how to perform a correct technique or simply when their clients come up with questions about diet, exercises, or habits; I don't feel like there is a 100% professional answer.

I always try to give my best when it comes to teaching and improving people's quality of life, it is something innate that I carry within me, and that gives me a plus when it comes to being in front of my clients.

I always feel ready to help, without thinking that I'm really working, but helping people to build a better life.