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In a nutshell, I enjoy helping people to “get it right”, whatever that means for them. I guide with empathy, expertise and accountability. It’s vital for us to be intentional so we may become the very best versions of ourselves.

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23 March 2022

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27 March 2021

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18 February 2021

LifeShine Coaching Services has had an outstanding and reliable partnership with me for a while. I have used these services with a mentoring program focusing on teenage girls, and in every session, LifeShine Coaching Services has left he girls encouraged, challenged, and changed. It is an honor to work with them.

17 February 2021

In 2019, I was released from my position. Not knowing what to do, I reached out to Sabrina Shine. She helped me to start receiving Social Security benefits, because I didn't have to wait until I was 65 years old. She is truly an inspiration.

15 February 2021

Mrs. Shine is an informative counselor who made sure i understood the programs that were being offered. She answered all the questions that I had and made sure that I completed the process. She was available when I reached out to her with questions. More...

15 February 2021

LifeShine showed me how to work past fear and hurt to start actually living and enjoying life.

14 February 2021

Mrs. Shine is an excellent life coach. She’s knows your situations when you walk in the room. She give excellent advice when you need it. Her care and love is so pure. Her services are confronted with care and understanding. Go to Mrs. Shine. She’s excellent. More...

13 February 2021

Sabrina is a great facilitator. She knows how to confront difficult issues in a way that is not judgemental but forces people to face their fears so they can grow.

13 February 2021

I was unaware of the services you offer. Just hearing your business name let’s me know this a perfect career move for you. Your brand statement is your life experience. Many will be blessed by your anointed by fire life coaching services. Thank You Kingdom Buillder! ♥️You. GLOria🌱 More...

13 February 2021

Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Mrs. Shine is an experienced clinician and it shows with her ability to cut through the "bs" and get to the root of the issue and then takes the time to bring about a plan for healing and wholeness.


In a time when we so often compare ourselves and long for what others have, I thrive on helping people appreciate their own uniqueness and become the very best version of themselves.

I believe that my studies and experiences should benefit more than just me. I also wanted to be autonomous and help people grow as only I can. Furthermore, it's important to me to work as hard for myself as I would for someone else.

Simply, I'm knowledgeable, authentic and credentialed.
Honestly, many either haven't experienced or learned the things I have and successfully come through them. I offer the best variety of many worlds and relish in helping others do the same.

A few of my life's events...
First child born at 15
Married at 21
Divorced by 30
Two Masters degrees by 35
Lost eldest child at 39
Remarried and Smiling by 40

Absolutely! This has been my primary way of conducting business since my company's inception. I've been working from home since before the pandemic and it became essential. Working remotely also helps to meet and reach people that I normally may not come in contact with.

Thankfully, I have not had to make many professional changes during the COVID-19 situation as all services are remote. This way of communicating has been quite effective for for since I started providing services. However, no matter where my clients are, I always encourage them to be safe and practical.