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Here at Life Cycles Coaching we believe Coaching simply allows you to grow faster by leveraging the guidance of an expert with the perspective, experience and know-how to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and propel you forward into the life you want.

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11 October 2021

Working with George at Life Cycles Therapy has been a great experience. George listens and I feel safe to express my feelings. It has helped my relationship with my husband, which is why I began. More...

1 October 2021

Couples Counselling

First off I would like to say thank you so much George you were such an amazing person to talk to you. The way that you understood exactly the things I was talking about means a lot. I appreciate you so much thank you for having such a good understanding and having so much advice that I am doing immediately. Thank you best therapist ever More...

23 September 2021

My wife and I was having an issue with our adult child, we were handicapping our child. They can’t keep a job, and lied a lot, always telling us negative and bad stories. Always borrowing money and never pay us back. George enlighten us on the situation that we couldn’t see as parents and he helped us realize that we were only destroying our child and not helping them. We made a lot of changes through our therapy and opened our eyes to the real facts. He’s a no nonsense therapist and will lead you in the right direction. I appreciate the changes George brought to our family and our relationship. He’s a must see therapist. Thank you George More...

22 September 2021

I reached out to George by phone at 916.820.5140 for his services. I must say after 4 weeks of working together I’ve learned a lot and have a better understanding of who I am. My communication level has increased and living a better life now, thank you George for your time and all you’ve put into bettering me as a person. Take a look at his website if you need more information about his services he’s offering. Lifecyclescoaching.org I did! More...

2 September 2021

Couples Counselling

💨 review? 💨 omg George, you are our guy! The man we choose to be our guide and help us navigate out of the bumpy roads, to hopefully a place of enjoyment understanding and trust. I'm glad we reached out and you reached back. Looking forward to seeing more of the strength I saw today. Tiny steps are big ones and today already mountains have shifted. Thank you George for your heart-felt time. More...

31 August 2021

Best life Coach in Northern California

25 August 2021

Definitely one of the most professional coaches I’ve spoken with. Thank you for helping me get through a very tough loss.

Life Cycles Therapy & Life Coaching

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19 August 2021

I had a very pleasant experience and felt very comfortable talking with Mr George

19 July 2021

George is an excellent life coach. He has been working with my son for only two weeks. But George was immediately successful at drawing him out, building him up, and setting up personal goals. My son is more confident, and with George’s help has landed his first job. My son is excited and encouraged about moving his life forward. We are looking forward to the weekly talks and the positive force that George provides. More...

13 July 2021

They did a great job and they have great staff and they are a great help and I would recommend them to people who need help

13 July 2021

George is very friendly and I have learned quite a bit.

13 July 2021

I had a really good experience with George. Although I didn’t get to do many sessions just the few that I did really help me and got me on track. He’s down to earth and I felt like he gave me a really good advice. He listened to me, he was genuine and I would definitely recommend him! I also like that he was able to talk to me often when I needed him and sent me inspirational messages. I felt like he was somebody that I could really count on More...

25 June 2021

We definitely recommend a Life Coach. George established a great rapport with my son. He is easy for my son to talk to and he gave him real life things for him to work on and think about. He is professional, knowledgeable, caring, motivating and available. More...

15 May 2021

It is very refreshing to have a life coach that is very understanding and relatable.

14 May 2021

Great therapist and life coach in the process of getting my life in order and though it’s a lot of push & pull it’s what I need and He truly goes the extra mile in all circumstances to put you back together when at times you feel like your falling apart. He truly wants to see you succeed and that’s valuable. More...

22 April 2021

Life Coaching

Working with George has been a great experience. He goes out of his way, above and beyond traditional therapy and coaching. He puts in aaa effort at all times and shows true concern and care for his clients and his overall work. I look forward to continuing our journey together. More...

22 April 2021


So far, so good. My son enjoyed the experience to connect and listen Mr. Washington.

22 April 2021

Life Coaching

George really took the time to listen to my concerns/goals and is setting up an achievable plan for me. I look forward to our continued path towards my success!


The joy I feel when helping other to accomplish their life goals and dreams, making sense out of life and living it on a full scale.

The freedom to help my clients as individuals and not as a caseload.

I have a proven track record of my success and achievements. I can only help you if you truly want my help, that's the only way to be successful in your treatments.

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I will work with family's of all walks of life.

I will listen to your goal and help you to accomplish them.

I will help you explore all responsibilities that comes with being in a relationship, communication, trust, securities and setting healthy boundaries.

I will work with you to help you figure out if your next move is your best move or not.