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KSR Pet Care

McLean, VA, Fairfax

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KSR Pet Care is a team of mature professional dog walkers and pet sitters. We offer pet exercise, vacation visits, cat sitting, overnight care for dogs and cats, exotic animals; small animal care, puppy and senior pet care. Pets can be unpredictable, so who is experienced enough to think outside the box and step up for your pets' well-being when more is required than the straightforward care?

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31 customer reviews

15 March 2019

George is happy to have a KSR friend come to visit. They text w/ all good news and any questions... Never have to worry

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30 October 2018

We started using KSR, specifically Sarah, about a year ago and the service exceeds our expectations.  We have a dog who is leash reactive.  Just this week, Sarah left us a note that they encountered an unleashed dog during a walk.  I texted Sarah immediately to get more details and make sure she and our dog were both unharmed.  Sarah and I texted back and forth as she explained the situation and how she handled it with our pup.  Words can not express how thankful I was that Sarah was walking our dog and knew what to do it that situation to avoid an issue. More...

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3 September 2018

KSR has been taking care of our two cats for many years while we vacation for days or even weeks. We receive text & pic updates, the mail stacked neatly, and the house checked. With backup sitters in place, I'm never worried and we can enjoy family outings completely. More...

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28 August 2018

If you have a pet and you need to travel, KSR is the place to go for petsitting services.  Aki, one of KSR's fantastic petsitters, is the paragon of petsitters, taking care of my two cats like they were her own, writing daily informative notes covering each cat's behavior and mood, and sending me adorable photos of them.  When I'm scheduled to return, she always texts me to confirm that I've arrived and haven't been delayed to make sure that my cats will always have someone looking after them. I cannot recommend her and KSR highly enough. It's extremely easy to schedule sitting sessions via KSR's handy website and all scheduled trips are confirmed via email.  I never have to worry that my cats are being taken care of and loved while I'm away.  Thank you, Aki, and thank you, KSR! More...

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23 July 2018

KSR has taken care of our animal family for years, including medicine dosing and pet taxi when needed. Their care and support have been top-notch, and I can't imagine entrusting our family to anyone else. Highly responsive, professional, flexible, and caring. We have zero worries for our furkids when we are away as we know they're in expert hands. More...

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12 January 2018

I have done private training with Kathryn and group training classes.  Both have been incredibly helpful for breaking some of my dogs bad habits!  They have specificially helped with leash reactivity.  All of the trainers I have worked with have been non-judgmental, friendly, and knowledgeable! More...

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6 September 2017

I am incredibly happy with KSR and would highly recommend their services. The introduction/overview meeting answered all my questions and allowed me to explain the quirks of our cat and our house. Our wonderful sitter, Aki, kept very thorough notes and regularly sent texts and videos to let us know how our cat was doing. While on my much-needed vacation, I was completely comfortable and reassured that my cat was in great care. The evidence of that was clear when we returned home. Our cat, who needs lots of attention, was unfazed by our return, just happy and relaxed from her "adventures with Aki."  I definitely recommend them! More...

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14 April 2017

KSR has been wonderful. Ashley has been great sitting my two cats, making sure they're taken care of whenever I've had to be out of town. She even sends me pictures of them so my wife and I can see them and know they're doing just fine. The staff at the office had also been incredibly professional and accommodating whenever I needed to schedule something quickly or had any questions or requests. Now that we've moved far away, unfortunately Ashley and KSR aren't to sit for us anymore. But I know if we ever came back to the area, we'd call them in a heartbeat. More...

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20 February 2017

I wanted to write an update -- We no longer use KSR because our senior shiba passed away last fall.  (Although if we decide to get another dog, we certainly will go back to KSR! )  Marja, who was her daily walker was unbelievably compassionate and caring for our dog as her health declined in the last few months.  She suffered from CCG (Doggie alzheimer's) and had many accidents in the house.  Marja always cleaned them up and still took her out to walk as best as she could.  When we decided it was time to put our beloved dog down, Marja expressed her sincere condolences and shared how much she also loved her.  She came over later that week and brought us a card and a lovely orchid which we still have in our window sill.  KSR is a fantastic organization and I would recommend their services 110%. More...

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14 February 2017

Really nice and professional pet care service. Always there when I need them. They are thoughtful enough to snap a picture of my dog and send it to me each time they visit. Highly recommended.

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8 July 2016

I am thrilled with KSR Pet Care. We have a regularly scheduled dog walker (Aki) who comes mid-day 3 times a week during the school year, and once a week during the summer break. Aki is wonderful - she writes detailed notes after each visit, and she makes sure our overweight dog gets plenty of exercise during their walks. She has even texted picture updates of our dog and two cats on various occasions (even though she is technically only there to see the dog). Christy, the office manager with KSR Pet Care, is super responsive and always e-mails me back within the day that I e-mail. Julie is also great about fast responses. It is easy to schedule appointments, and their initial consultation and meeting with the dog walkers is thorough and personable. The cost is comparable to other dog walking companies in the area, but I feel like you get a lot more with this company than you do with other ones (I actually researched 3 other companies with KSR, and this was hands down the best one of the 4.). More...

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12 December 2015

We have used KSR for daily dog walking services for the past 6 months and cannot say enough nice things. We had used another local dog walking/daycare service to come walk our puppy and had a horrible experience - the walker wouldn't show up some days, they left no note or documentation to prove they stopped by, and they canceled on us with one day's notice. KSR was flexible, friendly and immediately available to help - for a better rate as well! We worked with Aki and Kathryn who were both amazing with our dog! They left daily notes that detailed the exact time they were at the house, what they did on their 20 minute walk, and even let us know whether or not our dog used the bathroom! We knew we really loved them though, when we were dogsitting for some friends and Aki took both dogs out for no additional cost. I can't say enough nice things about KSR - every single one of them are professionals and treat your pet with the utmost respect and care. More...

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7 December 2015

For people who worry about their cats while they are away:  professional, reliable, cost-effective cat careWe were referred to KSR Pet Care in mid-2014 when we moved out of our previous sitter's  service area.  We have found KSR to be reliable and thoroughly professional.  At no time did I feed any anxiety about leaving our cats for periods up to 11 days with KSR.  Both the sitters who did the visits contacted us at least once per day, including photos in their emails; both wrote detailed notes on our cats' behaviour; both were pleasant with us and warm with our cats. More...

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7 December 2015

KSR Pet Care was the first dog walking company I've ever used, (I reached out to them due to Yelp reviews.) ...And I've been using them for a few years now. I have had a few dog walkers. I was able to meet them and talk about my pet so they knew where things were and how the pet behaved.  I trust my dog walkers and know that my dog (who I treat like my child) is in fabulous care. They even cater to the breed, if he can't walk for the full time, they'll play with him, which is wonderful. I really appreciate KSR Pet Care and love how much they love pets. More...

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1 December 2015

KSR Pet Care was my first experience with a pet sitting service. They were recommended to me by my vet when my vet had no more space available for boarding my cat over the Thanksgiving holiday. The service overall was very professional. They were very thorough, sending me emails and walking me through the whole process. They set up an on-site visit to see my place, get the 'lay of the land' and meet me cat. The owner/manager as well as my designated sitter and backup sitter all came. They asked questions, and were very sincere and professional. Scheduling services and paying for services is easy with online booking and automatic credit card payment.The service itself was great! I got text message updates (with photos) each day, and there were also written daily summaries waiting for me upon my return. They even checked in to make sure my travel plans weren't delayed, to make sure someone would be around for the cat the next day if needed.Great organization overall, highly recommended. More...

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29 August 2015

I was in need of temporary pet sitting on three different occassions for a minimum of one up to five days. The first time was a three day trip, when I returned home my cat couldn't have been happier. But she was very comfortable with the care she received. I got a phone call and text because she vomited I guess she's sensitive when I first left. Or it could've been the cat food. It hasn't happened since and Marja totally cleaned up after my kitty. I got detailed paragraph of notes and more when needed like when she got sick. The other times they didn't disappoint either. I felt like she was well cared for. The company comes to your home with the sitters a primary and an alternate at least so you can interview them. As well so they can become familiar with the pets. Very professional and reasonable rates make this an affordable and great solution to your pet care needs. Each time I arrived home there were no problems and I could tell that my sensitive kitty was reassured that someone would be visiting her to take care of her while I was away.Unfortunately I am moving for work. I hope I will be lucky enough to find a great option in Texas. But I couldn't speak or recommend anyone other than KSR! They've done a fantastic job, above and beyond what I'd expected and even on shorter notice they've come through. Thank you KSR! More...

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29 August 2014

We had them for house sitting and caring for our two dogs, fish, house plants and 5 backyard hens.  They were AMAZING! During the intake I got to meet all the animal care takers that were assigned and they were such delightful and professional ladies.  The notes we got upon return were very detailed.  The animals themselves seemed happy too.  We had a friend watch all the animals in the past and it was a complete disaster.  Being able to leave for a week with complete peace of mind that everything was being taken care of was invaluable!  I can't recommend KSR enough! More...

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4 January 2014

Fantastic attention to detail from Karen and Caitlin has been great! Nice to come home to detailed reports and know our cat was well cared for while we were away.

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31 December 2013

Beyond a doubt this is the best pet service in the area! Karen, BB and my two dog walkers Nancy and Janet are amazing! My two yellow labs adore them and they even taught my older labs how to leash walk. I have them 5 days a week and I never worry about my girls care!!!! Highly recommend this service. More...

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10 July 2013

We had never used a service like this before but when our cat was diagnosed with diabetes, we needed someone who could check on him and administer insulin.  From my initial request, Karen and her team were very responsive and quickly scheduled a visit.  The prep visit was a great way for them to get to know the cat and our house but also for us to get a comfort level of their attention to detail and their willingness to cover other important tasks like bringing in the mail or turning lights on and off.  Definitely a great experience as a first time customer. More...

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4 November 2011

Karen and her staff have been fantastic over the past couple of years with our dog. It takes a lot of trust to turn over the care of your dog to another person (let alone allow them unfettered access to your home) and Karen and her team has never let us down. Not only have the always been there as scheduled, they have been available to help us out in a number of scheduling emergencies. Having that kind of support is extremely comforting, and I would recommend KSR to anyone who needs help taking care of a pet on a regular or interim basis More...

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26 October 2011

Karen and her staff have been walking our dog for the past year. And they do so with true care and love of animals. My dog looks forward to seeing them every week just as much as she looks forward to me coming home. They are very thorough with their daily logs and show concern if anything is out of the ordinary. A top notch business with top notch people! More...

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6 July 2011

Of all the services that a typical homeowner might pay for, it's hard to imagine too many that are more important than those that a pet sitter provides. As a homeowner and pet owner, we put a tremendous amount of trust in anyone who comes into our homes to provide care for our pets. Karen and her team approach every aspect of their jobs with full knowledge of how crucial their work really is. The team is incredibly detail-oriented, careful in everything they do, and, perhaps most importantly, Karen and her team truly love animals. When I travel, Karen is amazingly intuitive about my concerns, and attends to every detail, taking the worry out of time away from home. My pets and my home are in wonderful hands with KSR--I wholeheartedly recommend them--simply outstanding service. More...

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3 January 2011

I have two doggies that really are my babies, so I only want THE BEST care for them when I have to travel. It is with great appreciation that I recommend Karen, and her extremely caring and fastidious staff. Their care is apparent on so many levels, not only of my doggies, but of my home. You can rest easy that your pets are in the best of loving hands when you leave them in the care of Karen and her staff. More...

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29 July 2010

Karen is the best. Professional, well managed, caring, easy to contact and speak with. She has also planned extremely well for any contingency in order to make sure your pet receives the attention you need. I have moved out of her service area, but plan to use her overnight boarding services. Honestly, if she ran a day care and I had children, I would trust her with my kids. More...

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29 June 2010

When we had to find a new cat sitter it was a bit anxiety provoking. When Karen came over to be interviewed and meet Merlin our cat, we were immediately impressed with her extremly high level of professionalism and the decision was made.
As she came to know our cat Merlin as an individual, understanding his unique personality the results were obvious. In the past he would be "mad" at us for three days after we arrived home. Now he greeted us with contented purrs. He had truly been loved while we were gone!
In addition to all this, the DC area had the worst snow storm in history while we were in Costa Rica. Karen not only notified us so that we could clear our walk etc she was dedicated beyond the call of duty and walked through the deep snow to check on Merlin.
Both we as owners and Merlin felt cared for whenever we left Merlin with KSR. We deeply miss Merlin who has recently passed on and we will miss Karen's caring professional nature as a part of our lives.

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5 February 2010

I highly recommend Karen and her staff at KSR pet care. I have been using her for several years and she continually exceeds my expectations. She clearly has a love of animals and is truly passionalte about what she does. I have a cat with diabetes who needs extra care with insulin shots and Karen does an excellent job of administering his meds, along with much tender loving care. She leaves good notes and sends emails and pictures to let me know that everything is going well. I no longer worry when leaving town because I know my cat is in good hands with a reliable, experienced, and loving caretaker. More...

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12 January 2010

Karen and her staff at KSR are the most caring, competent, and knowledgeable pet sitters I have ever used, and I have used plenty in the past. They show they care by leaving detailed daily notes and they learn and respect each pet s personality. They notice changes in behavior, eating habits, and general health. I use them whenever I am out of town, whether for the night or for weeks at a time. The staff even picks up the mail and takes out the trash as needed for longer vacations. When I come home, I know the lights will be turned on for me and my kitties will be patiently waiting by the door.-Jill Halverson More...

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11 January 2010

We have been using KSR Pet Care for several months and are delighted with the care and attention that our dog, Cleo, and two cats, Skip and Sasha, receive from Karen Rosenberg when we are out of town. I was quite impressed with the initial interview and all the questions Karen asked about the animals' daily schedule and habits. And I was completely bowled over by the notes left on the kitchen counter when we returned, describing each visit, the animals' behavior and funny personality traits. Over Christmas, I left ear medication for Cleo but didn't realize that the dosage label was wearing away. Karen called the animal hospital to make sure of the correct dosage before administering the ear drops. Now that's service. We heartily recommend KSR Pet Care to all pet owners. Jan Childress More...

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31 July 2009

I love Karen and KSR Pet Care! They go beyond the regular service when it comes to caring for my pet. I learn a lot from her detailed daily notes and have no worries at all leaving my dog behind for the day. She is prepared, knowledgeable, has a eye for detail and gives my shy doggy the space and patience for bonding. He loves her to pieces now! Highly recommend her dog walking, pet sitting and transportation services. More...

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20 April 2009

I highly recommend Karen for all pet care needs! She is very accommodating and flexible with timing and my last minute schedule changes, 100% reliable, provides detailed daily reports, responds to emails and phone calls immediately, and most importantly has taken the time and energy to form a close bond with my dog.

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Working with people who love animals. Helping the community of which dogs make out a big part and working towards further integration of dogs. I also love the variety of working with different kinds of pets - dogs, cats, small and exotic animals.

Working in dog rescue. Leading a group of people who have that same passion as I have

We are professional and personable in the way we deliver service. We think outside the box and use common sense in pet care. We deeply care and it shows in how we complete our services.