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20 years of experience in business management and bookkeeping, in multiple industries (including automotive, construction, high tech mfg, and education). In addition to basic bookkeeping tasks (reconciliations, expense and income recording, financial reports, etc.

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* Record financial transactions
* Reconcile bank & credit card accounts
* Manage bank feeds
* Handle accounts receivable
* Handle accounts payable
* Work with your tax preparer/CPA and assist with tax compliance
* Prepare financial statements
* Prepare WIP (Work In Process) reports
* Sales tax and payroll tax submittal
* Payroll and human resource functions
* Compliance reporting (certified payroll, prevailing wage, etc...)
* Make technology and process streamlining recommendations

Your finances are the backbone of your business. Even a small company could easily spend 10+ hours a week on accounting related tasks, even more at tax time if records were not properly kept. Hiring a good bookkeeper gives you back 520 hours a year to focus on running your business, and peace of mind when preparing for year end!

I love helping others succeed. Making their lives a little bit easier, helping them see where small changes can make a big difference in their bottom line!

I have worked for too many companies who take advantage of their clients to fill their own pockets. Who walk a very fine line between "creative accounting" and breaking the law. I am too honest for either of these practices. I will not forge, hide or lie about expenses. I want to work with clients who appreciate such standards and want a truthful, accurate picture of their finances.

I offer real world, hands on experience with a down to earth, plain english approach. My work is thorough and accurate. I will not only supply the basic accounting reports, but will work with you to create any custom reports that will help you operate more efficiently.


Enter transactions, Reconcile bank and credit card accounts. Other tasks to be determined. Fee varies according to number of transactions, starts at $450 per month

For those who require more up to date financial recording. Receivables, Payables, Expenses, Weekly reconciliation of checking account, etc... Rates vary according to complexity and qty of desired tasks. Starting at $350/wk

When required tasks and timing fluctuates. Billed for time worked.

Payroll processed using your service (or manual). Discussion required to quote.

If you are behind in bookkeeping or recovering from poor record keeping this would be the starting point. Months or years, I will go back as far as you need. Starts at $300/month that needs reconciled (ie: 1 years worth of statements to be reconciled is $300 x 12 = $3600). Final price to be determined upon discussing particular details.

Install, setup Chart of Accounts, items, reports, etc... Starts at $500