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Apart from World-Class -Award-winning Design and Style, we offer the following services:

- Preliminary Consulting.
- Space selection evaluation.
- Detailed Zoning analysis.
- Budgeting.
- Client Research and Listening Sessions.
- Detailed Schedule with Major milestones identifies.

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26 September 2018

Architectural Services

Kevin is prompt, informative, and extremely professional. Very pleasant and helpful with the design project for the home!

27 May 2018

Nice firm!

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 November 2017

Kevin Kennon Architects was a great firm to work with! Their designs for my apartment were incredible. I'm very happy I chose to work with them!

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Assuming the guts and bones of the building are reasonably sound upon inspection- the first question a prospective buyer should ask is how ill this new apartment fit my lifestyle. Do I want to live in a completely open environment the way an artists might like or do I need separate rooms for kids and study's/library for privacy. The code dictates the light and air requirement for the size of your bedrooms. Depending on how many they can take up a lot of window space. Sometimes to the detriment of the spacious lit-filled expanse you experience when you first walked in.
A good architect can help prioritize your planning to ensure you optimize the space. The best architects can help you as you look at a space in order to advise you the degree of challenge and cost required to make it work for you. Sometimes what may look good on paper, or just listening to the broker's up-sell can lure you into buying something that had you otherwise seen it with an architect who understands your needs and desires- you should have never bought in the first place.

Traditionally lofts where designed as warehouse during the 19th and early 20th Century. They are often found in Manufacturing Zoning Districts. Many are also in Historic Districts. Usually loft conversions must undergo a zoning change that allows residential use , as well a legal change of use in order to eventually receive a Certificate of Occupancy. With the right team in place including a good Land Use Attorney and Building Department Code Expediter , the pitfalls can be minimized and costly delays avoided. Also with the right team with the relevant experience and expertise, you can begin the design process (usually between 5 and 9 months depending on the complexity of your project) to coincide with the certification process so you are ready to submit your drawings to the Department of Buildings for plan review (2-4 month process again depending on complexity). Often clients balk a the number of consultants (experts) required early on in the conversion process, but an "integrated project delivery system" is your best insurance to avoid costly mistakes during the construction and /or the permitting process. I have over 30 years doing this kind of work with many different building types from Skyscrapers to Bathrooms- successful results are in all cases best achieved through assembling the right team who have worked together on many projects to ensure that you are not only getting the best home for you and your family that will continue to grow in value for many years to come.

Before I look at the space, I like to sit with the client (s) in a relaxed atmosphere (home or office) and listen to their stories. Hopes and dreams are a critical source of inspiration as is light, space, material and budget. Its a bit like therapy but done well good design enhances and creates a source of relaxation, harmony and inspiration. We always start from a clean sheet of paper. While we draw on our experience, we are often most inspired by the places our clients have been, the collections of art and antiques they posses or the items they would like to add. Do they entertain? Like to cook? Hang out with the kids? Do they have pets ? Love outdoors? Like to Exercise? Yoga? Meditate? All this information begins an ongoing dialogue that becomes design. Our unique process begins with defining the space around function and natural light. We create gauche-like sketches which are very precise as the work is entirely modeled using the latest digital technology. Once we feel we have the layout and spatial feeling in the ball park- we begin a conversation about materials, styles, heirlooms, art work, lighting, fabric,furniture, etc. Much like a water-colorist slowly builds his palette, we carefully add color and texture to achieve the final result on paper. We make sure that our clients are fully engaged in the collaborative process along the way. It may sound tedious but I assure you that our team of dedicated young designers makes it fun!