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604 Ansley Villa Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA


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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I provide a full suite of on-site or in-studio photography services including portrait sessions, headshots, engagement shoots, maternity photos, senior portraits, and even fashion photography / editorial shoots. My #1 goal is to uniquely capture your special moments with beautiful images so that you and your loved ones can treasure those memories for a lifetime.

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18 March 2021

Headshot Photographers

Jason was incredibly helpful and worked efficiently to produce high-quality business headshots. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

6 March 2021

Headshot Photographers

Jason was very helpful, attentive, accommodating, and professional.

26 February 2021

Portrait Photographers

As a busy executive with very little time to spare, I was pleasantly surprised by the service, value, and quality of the professional headshots I received from Jason.

He was able to work me in quickly, create multiple executive looks, and executed on creating a "Wall Street" look for all of the headshots. I've since updated my LinkedIn, business websites, and added the headshots to client proposals.

Funny story, several of my colleagues and clients asked where I got my headshots done because they now want some taken in similar styles! I recommended Jason Giorgetti as a professional photographer and they have all loved his services.

26 February 2021

Portrait Photographers

I recently did a photoshoot with Jason for some creative portraits for my online portfolio and social media. Jason worked with me every step of the way from lighting, costuming, creative inspiration, and much more. He was very professional and created some of my favorite photos I've ever had. His photographic skill was really strong, he helped with posing, and even did some very creative shots using color lighting. It was a lot of fun and I received a ton of value from the session.

Thank you Jason!


A great image must have the right composition, lighting, and color to truly stand out. In terms of composition, having a beautiful subject to photograph is a good start, but how that subject is framed in the image makes a huge difference. Lighting is also key. If your beautiful subject is not exposed correctly with the right amount of light, the image will be less than ideal. Light itself can be used to add drama to an otherwise ordinary image. Color is also equally important when creating images that pop. Using color theory to create palettes that are pleasing to the eye can make or break an image. In the end, the best images evoke a feeling or take the viewer to another place and composition, lighting, and color are the tools we have as photographers to do just that.

1. What is the emotion, feeling or vibe that you want to portray in the images? It's my job as a photographer to translate the emotion the client wants to convey into beautiful images through planning, designing, and executing the right photoshoot.

2. What is it about my work as a photographer that made you choose me? If there are certain aspects of the images in my portfolio that a client likes, then I certainly want to bring that out in their images.

3. What do you have to have in your images? Or what do you like about the reference images that you sent me? This is important because I need to know what the client truly wants in their images without making too many assumptions.

4. Are there any images, poses, etc. that you want me to avoid? Just as most clients have a vision about what they want in their photographs, many also know what they do not want in terms of cliche images, poses they do not like, etc.

5. How much time do you have for the photoshoot? In addition to when the client wants to conduct the photo shoot, it's important to understand how much time I have as a photographer to capture all of the images needed by the client.

6. How many images do you need? And when do you need them by?

My favorite part of being a photographer is delivering the final images to the client and seeing their reaction. As I've previously mentioned, it is my job to listen to each client's vision for their images and then creating and executing a photoshoot to bring that vision to life. At the end of the day, when I deliver those images to the client and it meets or exceeds their expectations, then that gives me tremendous satisfaction. Oftentimes the client has an emotional connection to their images which makes this so fulfilling for me.

Starting a business has long been a dream but also a scary proposition for me. It's often said that happiness comes when you do what you love and you love what you're doing. That is the case with photography for me. This is truly my passion and because of that, it helped me push past the nervousness of starting my own business because this is what I am meant to do.

I take the time to listen to my client's needs up front and understand what they truly want to achieve with the photoshoot and final images. I lend my expertise and creativity to help inspire the client and show them additional possibilities that they may not have considered. It's not enough that my clients be satisfied with the images that I deliver, I want the images to exceed my clients' expectations and be treasured for a lifetime.

It's difficult to provide photography services remotely, but we can handle most of the initial planning and logistics in this manner. I also create online galleries for delivery of the final images for the client to view at their leisure.

I've implemented rigorous social distancing and mask wearing protocols for all photoshoots. High touch surfaces are disinfected daily and we practice frequent handwashing and sanitization. If anyone participating in a photoshoot has been recently exposed to COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms, we will postpone the shoot until it makes sense to proceed.


Offering in-studio or on-location portrait photography sessions

Offering in-studio or on-location professional headshot photography sessions

Offering in-studio or on-location engagement photography sessions

Offering in-studio or on-location senior portrait photography sessions

Offering in-studio or on-location fashion photography sessions