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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


What do we offer?
There is one offer that matters more than all the rest that a photographer can give their customer. That one thing is a portrait or head shot that shows who you are as it tells your special story. Now that might not be easy to do.


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21 June 2019

Great service and excellent customer se Vice

26 February 2019

Very efficient, can easy any size groups without a bat of an eye, congenial, easy to work with, and expert in the job. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of photography and dealing with people.

23 February 2019

He’s a really great guy to work with. He was cordial the whole time and provided great service. The photo quality came out really well and for a great price

22 February 2019

Joe is an inventive photographer he knows how to get the best out of you. I'm really happy with the final result.

21 February 2019

My law firm recently hired Mr. Hammond to take pictures of our staff and office. We had a great experience working with him. As an attorney, I am constantly working with vendors of all kind. Mr. Hammond exceeded all our expectations. He and his company were easy to deal with, responsive, and more than patient when doing our photographs. Above all, the final product was excellent. He came to our office with all the necessary lightening, cameras, and equipment for a truly top-notch, professional photography experience. He is a great photographer without question, takes his time, and will not complete the job until he and the client are both satisfied. I highly recommend him. More...

5 February 2019

I thought I looked good.

all my pictures captured my attitude and style. working with mr hammond was a pleasure.


What do I love most about my job?
Photography makes me happy because I am creating an image of value for You that represents who you are in the best light possible.

When you start your own business you are free to take as long as it takes to capture the great photo of a person. When working for someone else photography sometimes becomes more of a business than an art.

Right now is the best time to choose me, my price is low, because I have just opened my studio again after some time in the related fields of publishing and printing. I have decided to concentrate on my first and strongest love, photography. To build my business back, my prices are low. I had a studio in New Jersey where I was charging $300.00 and now in Miami I will do a complete headshot session for $150.00 right now.
Whatever price I am at when you become my customer that is the same price I will charge for any pictures you need next month next year or any time in the future. A photographer in New York, Peter Hurley, that I am associated with, has a similar set up. He started at $100.00 per session and is now at $3,000.00 per session but he still honors the prices he charged initially when customers return for updated pictures.