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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


My name is Geremiah Charles and I am guide for you to enact a change in your life, a guide that will help you develop your body through a customized regime that will be designed to always remain challenging. Through my unique in person and online training style, my goal is to provide you with fitness training that will guide you to your goals and empower you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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28 August 2018

Gerry is very knowledgeable. He bases his workouts on actual science, not broscience or rumors. He’s consistently on top of the latest research and always has a new exercise or variation to hit it extra hard or hit those forgotten muscles. Plus he’s an awesome dude in general. More...

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The simple answer is consistency. You have to dedicate time and energy to get where you want. A consistent and well designed exercise and nutrition regimen will definitely get you on track to the body of your dreams. This matched with an outside coach pushing you that extra step will lead you to where you want to go.

I love the feeling when I see the smile on my clients face after they see that they have progressed so far, it makes me so happy when my client is filled with joy and excited to be in a better place or achieve their goal! It is my goal to help you reach your goal, and I will work as hard as I can to do so.

t some point in our lives, we realize that we want to make some type of change, whether is be as small as waking up earlier, or as big as changing your career path. Despite being 6ft in high school, I was constantly pushed around on the football field and basketball court. It was physically, mentally & emotionally draining.

Instead of letting this go on, I learned from seeing many people’s experiences, that I had the power to change myself. I realized that I could be full in control of my life and that it was up to me to get where I wanted.

I knew that it was going to be an uphill battle that’s what makes my growing success so much more fulfilling. Could my body and mind transform if my mentality and will to change were on lockdown?

It is my goal for you to achieve your goal. I will push you and guide you as best as I can in the most knowledgeable way possible. I am here for you, I will not baby you throughout our journey together, but I will push you and motivate you in a respectful and functional way. There is no such thing as a quick fix to get where you want, but I will get you where you want to be. My specialty is muscle development as well as fat loss and toning. So no matter what your goal, I will be able to help you achieve it.


1-ON-1 training sessions for any type of client; You'll be encouraged to empower yourself while learning proper exercise technique and daily habits to develop your mind and body.

GTC Fitness’ boot camps are the home of my Total Tone workouts - where you'll get high energy, fun, and challenging partner style workouts designed to push yourself while burning fat at the fastest rate possible.

Customized meal plan help you work towards your goals while optimizing your health. They also eliminate the guesswork of the quality and quantity of foods to eat for peak performance.

The GTC Fitness training app promotes for a more efficient personal development through the intelligent progression tracking tools included. This allows for a personal training experience on a budget.