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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Greg St. Martin, owner and mental health counselor at GPS Counseling. I provide counseling to children, adolescents, adults and families. My theoretical approach is Person Centered. Person-Centered Therapy utilizes the approach that each person is unique, valued, and worthy of unconditional acceptance.

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Helping people discover the strength to heal themselves.

To have the ability to set my own schedule based around my clients needs.

I use counseling methods that are custom tailored around my clients needs.


Child-Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) is a 10-session intervention where play therapists teach caregivers the attitudes and skills necessary for addressing the emotional and behavioral issues they may be experiencing with their children. Research supports that parents trained in CPRT tend to report significant decreases in child behavior problems and parenting stress and improved relationships with their children.

Person-centered therapy uses a non-authoritative approach that allows clients to take more of a lead in discussions so that, in the process, they will discover their own solutions. The therapist acts as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience without moving the conversation in another direction. The therapist is there to encourage and support the client and to guide the therapeutic process without interrupting or interfering with the client’s process of self-discovery.

Are you experiencing communication blocks, problems with in-laws and extended family, anger issues (yelling, slamming of doors, swearing), dependency/co-dependency, family planning, to have or not have children, parenting issues and disagreements, jealousy, lack of trust, unresolved issues from past relationships, adultery/infidelity, over-scheduled lives (“ships passing in the night”)? This is just a small list of issues that couples can potentially face in a relationship. You may be unsure of where you fall on this list or even of how you feel about your partner, but you just know that a happier relationship is possible. Whatever issues you and your partner are facing, GPS counseling is ready and able to walk through them with you.

Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, your identity, or just need someone to talk to, we believe help should be accessible to everyone. We noticed that individuals in the LGBTQ community suffer from mental health issues at a disproportionately high rate and we wanted to help. We are educated in specific LGBTQ struggles and we are passionate about helping everyone.

Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach primarily used to help children ages 3 to 12 explore their lives and freely express repressed thoughts and emotions through play. Therapeutic play normally takes place in a safe, comfortable playroom, where very few rules or limits are imposed on the child, encouraging free expression and allowing the therapist to observe the child’s choices, decisions, and play style. The goal is to help children learn to express themselves in healthier ways, become more respectful and empathetic, and discover new and more positive ways to solve problems.