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We help you build stability, strength and power with the most effective training tactics. Our intimate studio and approachable atmosphere will help you feel incredible and engaged during your training.

Our personal trainers not only get results we help you have fun doing it.

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26 November 2017

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I am thankful for John Gillham at BodyZing. I've worked with John for the last 9 months and transformed my health. I have lost weight (~20 lb) but more important, I'm fit again. I've gone from not being able to walk 5k steps a day without knee pain to running a 5k on Thanksgiving morning at record pace (for me).  I now have the freedom to do other activities like yoga that I haven't been strong and fit enough to do. Over the last 8 years, I've tried unsuccessfully so many times to get fit and healthy in my own. John is a positive, knowledgeable and motivating coach. His expertise helped me work through/ around a variety and aches and pains. Without John, I would've given up. I still have more work to do and am thankful to have John on the journey with me!  If you're ready to invest in your health, John is a great trainer. I can't recommend him highly enough. More...

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8 May 2017

This is my favorite work out place. Marilyn and Dan are skilled, experienced and know exactly how to motivate. Friendliness and energy of this place is beyond anything else I experienced. Marilyn's boot camps really rock my soul. Best place ever to learn about your body potential!!! Best in Lafayette! More...

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17 April 2017

I've been a fitness nut for year and am a former tennis player.  I'm pushing 50 years old now and have slowed down a lot, and also need to make my workouts EFFICIENT and effective.  I'm not going to "phone it in" for an hour at the gym (plus travel time), nor am I one for a fitness class, which is largely dependent on the personality and skills of the trainer running the class.  Thus, for several years now I've been keeping very fit doing short and efficient Jillian Michaels workouts by myself in my family room.  A friend of mine started at BodyZing recently and was telling me about it.  I had a Monday morning fee when my friend said she was going to one of Marilyn's classes there, so I said I'd like to join her - more to just spend time with my friend than any other reason, but I liked the idea of working out with her.  When I arrived at BodyZing, the first thing I noticed was Marilyn:  she was finishing a 1:1 training session with a man in a wheelchair, and I was immediately impressed.  I also noticed her age:  she's not some twenty or thirty-something (whose body hasn't gone through anything yet) leading an exercise class.  She'd got to be in her 50's and very fit.  Her energy was immediately captivating:  warm, welcoming, encouraging, positive and enthusiastic (without being over the top).  This was going to be fun!  And it was:  it was a 45 minute workout combining weights (lower body followed by upper body) and then a short Tabata cardio circuit at the end.  Marilyn uses a highly visible countdown clock for each rep and set, and also incorporates motivating music.  Marilyn kept her eye on everyone and encouraged everyone, no matter what modifications they needed.  The last thing I need is someone yelling at me and being all "drill sergeant-y."  I'm SO beyond that.  BE NICE.  This isn't middle school PE class (I said that to Marilyn after the workout and she shared with me that she used to teach middle school PE and that she was the best friend of any of the overweight students because she knew how hard it was for them).  I will go back to BodyZing.  The drop-in rate is $20, which is reasonable (and you can also purchase a package).  First 2 classes are free, so no reason not to try it.  I will continue to do my home Jillian workouts, but I could easily see joining one of Marilyn's classes 1-2 times per month just to have some company and social interaction.  Marilyn is great.  The other ladies in the class were unpretentious and friendly.  Also, working out alone in my family room can get pretty lonely. More...

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23 February 2017

Working out with Dana for the past year has been life changing! Always positive, righteous, intelligent and motivating - Dana is invested in you. By teaming with Dana, I've gained strength, muscle, endurance and our workouts have given my lifestyle so much more energy. Along with Dana's nutritional guidance, my body has achieved results that I didn't think were possible and I owe it to the diligence of his leadership! I am very proud to be a part of BodyZing and its successful program. More...

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9 June 2016

Marilyn's bootcamps changed my body!  I have been a solid runner, dabbled with classes, and eat right and my body NEVER changed.  I decided to give Marilyn's bootcamp a try.  For the first two weeks I could not breath without something hurting.  Then it slowly went away.  I am mildly sore after each workout (which tells me I got a great workout).  My body has changed!  I now have definition where I could not get it before.  Friends and family can't believe the change.  If you want a great workout and to see change in your appearance then you should give it a try. More...

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30 September 2015

I have been training with Dana Hemmingsen for the past six months.  I selected Dana because his focus is on improving overall body performance while providing nutritional recommendations.  I have adhered to a personalized (just for me) "work out" program which has dramatically decreased my body fat and increased both upper and lower body muscle strength.  I can comfortably perform 10 pushups (from a 1-2 baseline)!!  My jeans fit better and I have received many compliments for my leg and arm definition.  As a middle aged woman, I can honestly say that I am very grateful and appreciate Dana's knowledge and commitment to helping me stay healthy and fit. More...

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19 February 2015

After having twins and 6+ years of doing nothing remotely looking like regular exercise, I was a little intimidated to get back to an exercise class.  Dana at BeFiT quickly erased any concerns I had after our very first workout. Dana knows what he is doing and provides a highly efficient and effective workout (strength and cardio)-and he is just super nice.  He is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your fitness goals and motivates you to get results without pushing you to the point of injury.  After every workout, I leave knowing my time was extremely well spent and not a minute wasted. The really great thing is that I look forward to going to class. More...

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17 August 2014

Really love this studio--it's hard work, always varied, and I've seen nothing but results for both myself and the other people in the class. The classes generally last 45 minutes with a good combination of upper body and lower body exercises using weights, kettle bells, TRX, yoga, cardio, resistance bands etc. Marilyn (trainer/owner) is amazing, she's incredibly supportive, kind and tough! She'll tailor every move/exercise to your level and personal health needs. She is also constantly doing research and checking out all the latest equipment, exercises etc. and she does a fantastic job integrating it all in a 45 minute powerhouse workout. If you're looking for a place that promotes healthy living in a supportive environment, this place is perfect. The community of members makes getting up for the workouts totally worth it. More...

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30 May 2014

I have been training with Dana for about 9 months  and it has been a great experience. He is knowledgable , dependable , and really nice. Dana took it easy on me at first until I got used to working out.When I arrive for my session I know that Dana has done his homework and created a plan that will really work for me.The workouts are fun and effective and always changing . I am really happy to have lost 15 pounds and feel much stronger and more flexible. More...

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27 May 2014

Marilyn is amazing.  I was out of shape and afraid of the gym when I started going to Marilyn a year ago. Now, I've done two mud runs and a stair climb (with Marilyn! ).  Marilyn has a great style -- she is inspirational without being preachy, she pushes you to your limit without being pushy, and she just has a positive spirit.  Her classes and private sessions are always different and it is amazing how much she can pack into the time.  Whether you are young, old, in shape, or out of shape, male or female, Marilyn is terrific.  Go see her and get fit now! More...

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27 May 2014

beFiT studio is a destination for mind, body and soul. Marilyn focuses on helping you change your lifestyle and how you approach your goals for fitness and health. Marilyn's energy is contagious and if you show up to her class 3-4 days a week, you WILL see results. The boot camps are fun and easy to fit into your schedule. The group is always motivating and rooting each other along through the class. The classes are fast, challenging and fun - you will always walk out of there glad you came. More...

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We start with a movement assessment. Discuss your goals and build strength symmetry and stamina to get you where your want to be.

No secret. Consistency exercise, whole foods and stress reduction

Helping people achieve things they thought impossible when they started.

As a long distance runner most my life I never knew how to gain strength. Through study and application I decided I must help others acheive their health and fitness dreams

My training is personalized, not cookie cutter. You get quality, individualized results in a creative fun atmosphere.