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I am a Freelance Photographer that is passionate about taking photographs. I have been taking photos for 7 years as a hobby and building my skills. This year I finally decided to make it an official business. My focus is quality, and making others 100% happy.

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6 customer reviews

30 October 2020

A fantastic photographer, she is professional, and I was very impressed with the quality of the photos. She is a great person to work with because of her lovely personality.

28 October 2020

I was in the islands and I asked Angelica did some personal wedding photos for me. I was impressed by the skill and professionalism. I will definitely do business with her again. More...

28 October 2020

Over this summer I had the opportunity to work with Angelica and it was an amazing experience. My daughter’s graduation photos were professionally done and well organized. Totally recommend.

28 October 2020

I personally know Angelica Roberts and she has been an amazing friend. I asked her to shoot some for us for our 10 year anniversary gathering. She was very professional in interacting and making us feel comfortable. I will never forget what she has done. I definitely recommend GGs touch photography. Hire her today. More...

28 October 2020

I hired GGs touch photography To take photos of my very first cooking event for my clients they were so pleased with the photos of all the food and the people at my event that they said that they would be booking with me again in the future I’m so happy that I hired GGs photography. Will definitely recommend her she knows her stuff. Hire her ASAP! More...

28 October 2020

She’s very nice and very talented.


The right angle, lighting, and pose of the person can really make a photograph great.

What is the emotion, feeling or vibe you want to portray in your image?

What are the things you must have in the image?

How many people will be participating?

How many Images will you need? can you explain each image you want?

How much total time will you need during the session?

When is the deadline you will need your images?

Will you need digital, flash drive, print?

Will you require filtering and photoshop?

What is your budget?

Is their anything I should know before shooting that I the photographer should stay away from? Any cliches in your industry or things you're sick of seeing?

The excitement when I get the right shot of my clients expression.

I am always taking pictures, someone saw my work and said I should start my own business.

I am passionate photography and making you my client 100% satisfied with your photographs .