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Excellent care when you're not there!
Offering Pet Sitting at your home, Dog Walking, Post-Op Visits, Poop Scooping & More!

- Licensed with the State of WA
- Insured
- Background Checked
- CPR/First Aid Certified

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What I love best about my job is making a positive difference in the lives of my clients and their pets. Pets get the care and attention they need while their owners are not available and owners can be away "guilt-free" knowing their pets are in good hands. Win-Win!

Working with pets is what I was born to do. Working in "Corporate America" for so long and not fulfilling my dream just didn't make sense any longer. I decided that following my passion was definitely the way to go and I've never regretted it for a moment. I am finally able to apply my knowledge, experience, expertise and love of animals to what I do for a living. A happier, more fulfilled me, makes for happier pets and clients!

Pet parents go about choosing a pet sitter in many different ways. There are the ones who impose on friends and family to care for their pets. There are the ones who get their neighbor's 10 year old child to look after their pets. There are also those who hire "hobby" sitters (those who do pet sitting simply as a way to earn money for the summer while school is out or while they are on maternity leave). Choosing a pet sitter is truly serious business though. It's always best to choose someone who is 1) licensed to do business in their state; 2) background checked; 3) insured and 4) certified in CPR and First Aid for pets.

It's important to think about things such as:
- Is the person responsible for my pets going to make them their priority if something else comes up (i.e., a party they'd really like to attend)?
- Does the person responsible for my pets recognize signs and symptoms of certain illnesses that may require immediate attention by a vet?
- Does the person responsible for my pets have the training that will enable them to stabilize my ill/injured pet prior to transporting him to the vet?
- Does the person responsible for my pets drive and, if not, how will they get my pet to the vet in an emergency?
- Is the person responsible for my pets familiar with illnesses and physical issues common to specific breeds of cats or dogs?
- Will the person responsible for my pets be reliable and follow all of my feeding/medication instructions?
- Will the person responsible for my pets be respectful of my home while there or will they have unauthorized people in my home while I'm away or steal from me?
- Will the person responsible for my pets and home keep my keys/alarm codes secured?
- Does the person responsible for my pets have insurance that will cover accidents or mishaps with my pets and/or home?

- Caring for my clients' pets in their homes is my business. It's how I make my living and I take it very seriously.
- Your pets and their care ARE my priority. I forgo weekends, holidays, family gatherings, etc. to ensure that your pets are cared for.
- From arrival at your home to my departure, I will maintain your home and pets as though they were my own...and I'll share with you that I am a bit on the OCD side, so it's possible that I may even leave your home nicer than it was when you left. :-)
- I am familiar with symptoms that pets can show us that may indicate anything from a "wait and see" approach to a "needs to be seen by a vet first thing tomorrow morning" to "must go to an emergency vet NOW" scenario.
-If your pet injures himself, I am able to apply my first aid skills to stabilize your pet so he can be safely transported to a vet without risk of further damage on route.
- I will NEVER bring unauthorized people to your home. That is a big, bad NO-NO and extremely unprofessional in the professional pet sitting industry.
- I have a clean, criminal background check that covers Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement databases, including the National Sex Offenders Registry.

In short, my clients can feel confident that they can provide me with access to their homes and pets with no worries whatsoever.