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DeLano Business Solutions provides integrated management consulting, strategic program development, support, and training services for the small & mid-sized business community; in every phase of our client's business lifecycle (from Startup through Maturity).

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Assisting our client's with realizing their full personal, professional, and business potential! We recognize that that services we provide changes lives; simply by providing solutions to common or unique business challenges. We are particularly emboldened by opportunities to help business leaders, owners, and operations optimize how they, and their teams, perform; in a manner that produces results. Furthermore, our offering is cost-effective and available to a segment of the marketplace that would otherwise be left to "fend for themselves". Removing Roadblocks to Business Success! This is what we do best!

Statement from Donte Vaughn, Founder & President:
"After working in the "big-box" Consulting Industry for many years, I realized there was a void in the marketplace for the small-business community to receive similar strategic guidance without incurring the costs of hiring the larger providers. I wanted to offer a cost-effective solution, while addressing the unique needs of this community. I firmly believe the small business community represents the pillars of economic stability throughout the United States. I want to support the success and longevity of small business entrepreneurs, leaders, owners, and operators any way that I can! "

DeLano Solutions provides you with streamlined, simplified, and cost effective business strategies. We cut out the fluff and the non-sense. We believe in helping you realized true and sustainable results for your business - regardless if you are a startup or a maturing organization. Your success is important to us! We believe in a partnership approach. We operate with honesty and integrity; even when what we have to share may not always be pleasant. however, you can trust that our desire will also be your long-terms success!


DeLano Business Solutions provides a deep understanding of the core principles that drive successful business management and organizational leadership, in the consumer goods and services industries. Our Strategic Consulting experts will deliver you a roadmap to successfully execute specific initiatives built around your business and your next phase of transition. We utilize only proven business strategies, such as Transformation Leadership Methods, Lean Six Sigma, and others. Our Mission is to deliver enterprise-level business strategies and expertise to the small and mid-sized business community, at an affordable price. It’s that simple.

DeLano Business Solutions provides Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions tailored for your unique business needs and challenges. Our solutions adopt a strategic planning methodology aimed at identifying the operations or employee skills that could be improved to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth.

Our BPI Solutions includes the application of lean manufacturing principles and concepts that align with your unique operational requirements. Our approach focuses on identifying areas of your business operations that can be streamlined or optimized as part of a continuous improvement strategy. We evaluate your business with the primary objective of systematically achieving small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality.

DeLano Business Solutions recognizes the importance of your organization’s investment in the Leadership Team responsible for driving results for your organization. Therefore, we have developed a resource team dedicated to designing and implemented customized leadership training and development programs to assist your team in reaching new heights of leadership effectiveness.

Our Solutions team includes experts in the field of Leadership; many of whom are active or retired Leadership Executives, Academic Professors, and certified Trainers; on the national scale. Our team will help your organization optimize your leadership team’s potential and leave you with the tools and resources for continuous improvement in this area.

Our Project Management Outsourcing (PMO) solution is a unique service by which our firm manages the critical activities related to your business projects. Our PMO solution makes it possible for your organization to improve the effectiveness of your project management approach by providing the tools and expertise to help you realize positive project outcomes for your business.

Our Project Management Outsourcing Solutions Include:

PM Resource Review & Management (minimizing costs, driving efficiency)
Risk Assessment & Mitigation (strategy development and execution)
Planning and Monitoring (controlling baselines, modeling the development of a project, controlling changes, etc.)
Communication & Reporting (organizing and preparing project progress reports for all management levels)
Resource Allocation & Personnel Oversight (assigning responsibilities, managing work performance, building an integrated team, etc.)

DeLano Business Solutions, LLC provides integrated consulting, acquisition management, business program support, and training services for state and federal agencies nationally. We provide expert advice and assistance in support of an agency's mission-oriented business functions; while also offering advanced project management support, instructor-led training, and course development as requested.

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