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Dawdy Photography

San Mateo, California, San Mateo

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We have been photographing people in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley for many years. We have a long list of commercial clients that we have photographed consistently for many years. We started with the technical skills and knowledge of camera and lighting to being able to create the portrait that is one that you will want to use that is tailored to and customized to your particular brand.

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26 customer reviews

22 June 2019

Tom and Faye are the best!  I worked with them years ago when our preschool used them for photos and my child was absent on picture day so we had to do a retake t their studio.  They were very accommodating and patient and coaxed a sweet smile out of my oldest.  Years later now, and we had to miss dance school photos.  I called around to try to get an affordable photo session but was met with either exorbitantly high prices or extremely restrictive rules like no wardrobe changes or a limit on poses.  On a whim, I called Faye and she worked with me to set up a session for us on a weekend.Our photo shoot today went great and we are very pleased with the results.  She customized a package for us so we could get exactly what photos and prints we want.  We were also able to see the photos immediately so we won't have to come back for a proof review session.  We had multiple costume changes and they were so patient with us as I got the kids photo-ready.  Faye also helped with smoothing skirts and making sure everyone was positioned optimally for the best shots.  At the end, they even offered to take a photo of the whole family and threw in prints for that shot as well.  I wasn't dressed for photos but they made it work and we couldn't be happier with our total experience.  Wish I could give more than 5 stars because the deserve it.  Will definitely work with them again in the future! More...

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27 December 2018

Staff were helpful and went above and beyond to look up information for me when I had questions.

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30 July 2018

Tom and Faye Dawdy do a wonderful job of capturing the special moments you will treasure.

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26 July 2018

I booked a last minute appt for a passport photo and I must say that Faye was quick to setting up the appt and my photo looked fabulous! Thank you very much, Faye for the fantastic customer service and the quality product. I will return and will definitely tell my friends and family.  This is the best passport photo by far. More...

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6 July 2018

I was so delighted to find this photography shop. I needed a quick passport photo and was disappointed in how the drug store photos came out. I called Dawdy Photography and they invited me to come right away. They took about 8 photos and allowed me to choose. I'm very happy with the results and will recommend this shop to all my friends. More...

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28 November 2017

Absolutely Recommended. Its a team of two wonderful people who go out of their way to provide excellent customer service. We had our children's passport pictures taken from here . Everyone knows how hard it is to take good pictures of kids that can be passed as good passport photos. Faye is the sweetest. She and Tom made sure we had a good picture of our new born. We forgot to tell them we needed two different sizes (One American n one european standard). They were closing early next day since it was Thanksgiving but they still gave us good service n managed to make the photos in short time in the same price. No additional cost. Their pricing is also reasonable. I would definitely recommend them. More...

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16 November 2017

Dawdy Photography...Tom and Faye are conscientious photographers-great with children, large group pictures, family sessions and events.  I have used their photography service for decades.  They have taken my children's pictures, our annual family photos and I have used them to photograph the preschool I ran for over 24 years.  Their studioIs large with props.  Tom works well with you to catch the innovative ideas or creative concept of your picture.  They are reasonable in price.  Go no further to capture the special moments in your life-call Faye and Tom. More...

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25 June 2017

Wonderful people that take stunning photos!! They are simply amazing and easy to work with!

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9 April 2017

Came here for visa and passport photos.  The photographer understands that a passport picture last ten years and was willing to retake them multiple times to get it right.

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21 March 2017

Fantastic folks. Just needed a couple of Visa photos. They were quick and very reasonably priced. Why have an amateur at the local drug store take your snap when you can have a professional do it?

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9 February 2017

They were the photographers at my wedding and I couldn't have been happier! They're extremely good at what they do and they're awesome people in general. Would highly recommend!

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4 February 2017

I needed a British passport photo taken and after weeks of looking finally found Dawdy Photography. I was able to get an appointment scheduled quickly and once I arrived, there wasn't any wait; they were on time!My new passport just arrived with no hiccups whatsoever. I'm really glad I ended up at Dawdy because HM Passport Office is very finicky about passport photos. More...

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26 May 2016

Easy to use and understand tools! Great prices for the environmental group.

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18 November 2015

Amazing service, personable staff, great attention to detail and awesome photos.I needed to get passport pictures and have tried three different UPS stores, with similar disappointing results. Finally took the plunge and looked for a professional and Dawdy delivered beyond my expectations. More...

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13 August 2015

Went back To Dawdy to get passport photos again and as usual great service!

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14 February 2015

Very professional and friendly. I was there for my U.S passport photo. Their credit card machine was broken and I didn't have cash on me. The owner just told me to send them a check instead. This place reminds me of days where people trust and are friendly with each other. Will be coming back in the future. Btw, the photo looks great. More...

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18 December 2014

I loved them! Needed Canadian passport photos. Faye  took multiple shots, powdered my oily face and posed me so I looked my best. Great service and I could tell she loves what she does for a living. Highly recommended and super professional. They knew exactly what they were doing. Im a happy and satisfied customer. More...

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1 September 2014

I have known of the name Dawdy Photography for many years, having lived in the Peninsula it is a name connected with the beautiful art of Photography! Anyone, who hears Dawdy Photography knows all their images will be amazing! Finally, this past weekend I got to experience what 30+ years in the business means! It means, class, sophistication, professionalism, passion, and a love for what they do, which captures precious moment in time! It was amazing to watch Mr. & Mrs. Dawdy (Tom and the lovely Faye) in action, they did not miss a beat, they saw images/moments that many would have missed! Moments in time, they captured it all....best of all they did this with a smile on their face (on a very hot Walnut Creek CA day)...if they were stressed there was no way you could tell!!! AMAZING!! I cannot say enough about how hard they worked and with what passion and love they do their art! I cannot call it job b/c what they do is art!!! They capture beauty that is a fleeting moment in time, with a click you now have that fleeting precious moment forever! Thank you for making the wedding a special day, my family and I were honored to have met you all and finally after all these years I got my picture taken by Dawdy Photography woo hoo!! I look forward to seeing you over the years for many more photographs to come! To all Brides, take it from me having been in the bridal business, having a professional team who love what they do and are GREAT at what they do is key and success to great photos on your hectic, but fun wedding day!!! THANK YOU Dawdy Photography for all your hard work!! XO Leyla S If I could give you 10 stars I would! (BTW they are great with kids, my little one will tell you that) You made my brothers wedding day stellar! More...

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27 May 2014

Tom and Faye shot our son's Bar Mitzvah and really did an excellent job. Highly recommended.

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18 August 2013

Dawdy Photography did a wonderful job taking pictures at our 50th. Wedding Anniversary party.  Each picture will be treasured forever.  If you need pictures for a wedding or any occasion, you will be happy you chose Dawdy Photography. More...

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17 July 2013

Tom and Faye are a great team.  From my initial call, through the session and after, they were very helpful, efficient and kind.  The appointment started on time and involved three wardrobe changes.  I was asked to provide input to insure that the photographs were exactly what I wanted.  The photographs were available within24 hours.  It was a wonderful session.Thank YOU! More...

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31 August 2012

Tom and Faye Dawdy are two of the greatest photographers I've ever met.My wife and I were married on July 7th, 2012. Tom and Faye did our engagement pictures and our wedding photos. They all came out absolutely fantastic. It was the best day of our lives, and thanks to the amazing work of Tom and Faye, it is a day we will never forget. More...

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21 August 2012

Needed to get a passport photo, in and out in 10 minutes, quick and easy.  I checked around on prices and they were reasonable and the end result was good. Photographer/owner is professional and friendly.  He also provided the digital copy which was great.  I would go here again. More...

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11 October 2010

Great Experience!  I and my toddler needed passport photos at a moderate price and they had it and the service was great.I normally take terrible pics but they have a digital system that lets you view the shots instantly .  I love my photo! More importantly I thought that my 10 month old was going to be a nightmare to shoot. Within seconds of sitting her down he nailed the shot.  She is even smiling.I would highly recommend these folks for any picture taking needs and good old fashioned real people service. More...

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25 May 2009

Glad they can take passports for all countries and when different color backgrounds are required.Great location right off 101 freeway on 821 California Drive in burlingame

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8 October 2007

I recently need an updated business photo of myself.  The pressing need was for a club that I joined that puts new member profiles in their newsletter. I thought it would be good to have a current photo on file for other things that might come up... a new business card or a start-up company website... whatever.  It needed to be better than a passport photo, but I must admit, I didn't fully appreciate how much work goes into getting it just right.So, I did some searching around on the Net and found this local photography shop run by Tom and Faye Dawdy.  I corresponded by e-mail and then made an appointment to go in for the shoot.  What nice people!  They spent about 45 minues shooting me in a suit and open collar and with different color backdrops.  Faye made sure the tie was straight and that the clothes laid flat while Tom adjusted the lighting and took the pictures.   Within a couple days, I had about 30 proofs and my wife and I picked the ones we liked best.  Picked them up (freshly cropped) and put on a CD for me.The price was right for the value I received.  There is a lot more that goes into this than you might think.  Thanks Tom and Faye! More...

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