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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am a professional commercial photographer specializing in fashion and portrait photography of adults and children for magazines, catalogs and advertising. 20+ years experience in the New York City area and published in hundreds of books and magazines nationally and internationally.

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25 September 2020

Dan is the utmost respectful and professional photographer I have ever worked with. He was such a phenomenal person to learn from and want to be the best you can be when he’s taking your shots. He also shot for my two sons and they came out looking like GQ models! I am constantly told my photos are fantastic and who does them and it’s always Dan’s photos. Thank you Dan Howell and keep up the awesome work you do. I can’t wait for us to create again! More...

22 September 2020

Dan is a wonderful photographer whom always manages to capture the essence of his subject’s personality. I have been going to him for many years; First as an actor myself “back in the day,” and lately my two child actresses are frequently photographed by Dan. He makes the shoots fun and gives great direction. We always look to Dan when we want portraits as well! More...

22 September 2020

I love working with Dan. He’s an amazing photographer. He always knows the perfect lighting for the scene and the perfect time to take a photo. He’s very easy to work with. The idea of being in front of a camera can be very nerve-wracking, but Dan knew how to make the entire situation feel very normal, comfortable, and fun. I will definitely work with him again! More...

21 September 2020

I have worked with Dan for over 10 years and he is always my go to photographer! His work is amazing and I get the pics back ASAP! I always get such great compliments on the shoots!!! I highly recommend him and he is the absolute best! More...

27 April 2020

I would highly recommend Don Howell photography to anyone who is looking to do a shoot. He is wonderful! He is very professional, knowledgeable and makes your experience comfortable. My boudoir photos turned out amazing and sexy!! So glad I came across Don Howell. Thank you Don. I would not send my friends anywhere else! More...

28 December 2019

Dan is a patient and reliable photographer. I’ve had many shoots with him over the last five years. I appreciate his creativity with light and ability to adapt in the moment as well as to new ideas. He has always delivered images that met my needs and I always feel comfortable shooting with him. More...

23 July 2018

Very professional! Great pics! Fun atmosphere!!❤️❤️

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Imagination and timing are two of the strongest tools for successful photography. While there are various motor skills and information blocks which are useful and almost essential for many great photographs, they are second to having the imagination to both prepare for and recognize a successful image and the timing that experience brings to capturing an image that captures and preserves the fleeting moment of beauty or authenticity.

A client's goals are paramount in framing an approach to creating a photograph. I do not accept any assignments that I do not believe I can successfully understand and deliver images to suit the client's goals. Having said that, some clients have goals that are either unrealistic or beyond what I feel that I can reliably deliver. On those occasions I rely on my experience to decline a photoshoot opportunity or steer a client in another direction or to another photographer.

More than anything I love the variety of experiences that photography has delivered for me. I have had the fortune to meet a wide variety of interesting people and travel to a number of interesting places. Another thing that photography as a career allows is the opportunity to continue to learn, grow and improve over a lifetime.

Although I am a bit of an anomaly, I have never had a job outside of photography. After completing my education and spending a couple years working on photography sets and an assistant, I have filled my time working on an assignment basis as a photographer. As in the question above, I value variety in my work and experiences. Working for myself has allowed me to met tremendous people, travel the world and create many satisfying images. I enjoy shouldering the challenge of bringing a company or individual's message or event to life through photography. For me it is a interesting and dynamic puzzle that is challenging and fun to solve.

While I still enjoy unfamiliar challenges and unusual experiences, for the most part the breadth and depth of my experience has afforded me gathering numerous skills and production resources that allow me to cut through any uncertainty in most situations. Client have chosen me and returned to me (some for more than 10 years running) because they can put their confidence in me that their needs will be taken care of and that their goals will be met within the context of my photoshoot.


Photography of models for magazines, catalogs or advertisements. Women, Men or children.

Portrait photography of performers, business leaders and other individuals for personal or professional promotion and publicity.

On-site photography of businesses, buildings and organizations for publicity or marketing including hotels and destination travel, real estate sales, healthcare and a wide variety of events.

Engagement event and portrait photography, Bridal gown announcement and portrait photography. Formal Bridal photography and Wedding event photography by special request.