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Louiusville, Kentucky, Jefferson

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I shoot corporate and editorial photo assignments for editors as well as portraits and special events for businesses and individuals.  

As a photojournalist, my specialty is producing the right photo – with impeccable timing and documentary flair – for immediate distribution.



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It takes a lot of love, patience and presence along with some experience and technical know-how to connect with another person to capture their personality.

What do you want to say with your new photos?
How will they be used?
Who is your audience?
Who are you?
(I may not ask these all so directly, but the answers make a huge difference in how I approach your photo session!)

I love the experience of meeting new people and situations with an open heart and mind to produce compelling, storytelling images. It puts me out of my comfort zone into experiences I wouldn't normally find myself in and forces me to focus and capture the scene. It opens my mind to the world.

I choose to be a photographer because I knew I'd never be bored again! I get to meet people from all walks of life and experience their lives firsthand. It depends on being where the action's at and being present enough to capture the moment. It requires impeccable timing and serendipity.

As a professional photographer based in Louisville, Ky., for over 23 years, I've produced photography for a wide range of clients that mostly heard about me through word-of-mouth in the days before social media. My reputation as a solid, dependable shooter with a good eye and people skills served me well!

After starting out as a freelance photojournalist for the Louisville Courier-Journal and stringer for the local Associated Press bureau, my work soon included corporate clients. I produced handout photos for their public relations needs and covered their events for internal uses. I told their stories in a documentary fashion that was well-received in the media.

Along the way I did headshots, environmental portraits and weddings in the same truthful style, just as I did for my media clients, and continue to do today.

My work tends to be straight-forward and revealing, and no matter the situation, I can be depended upon make images worthy of tomorrow's front page.

Rates for event, commercial and corporate photography often depend upon the client's needs and their final use of the photos, and estimates are freely given. Quotes for headshots, environmental portraiture of families and individuals and special occasions such as weddings are also available upon request.