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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Bogle Productions is an award winning video production company specializing in cinematic wedding films as well as a wide range of life event videos and corporate projects.

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26 July 2019

Did an incredible job. All of the best shots, wasn't in the way of the event. Highly recommend!

16 April 2019

When I was searching for a videographer, I ran across Cory’s wedding videos and I fell in love with his style of work! I could tell he was talented and unique from the others I previously saw. Although there was a travel fee for him traveling to Portland, OR because he normally works out of Seattle, WA, it was well worth it! I would definitely hire him again in the future! More...

6 March 2019

Corey is a genius! Our video was amazing and even though our reception was the next day he still delivered our video same day! Thank you sooo much!

6 March 2019

Highly recommend Bogle Productions! My wedding is now a perfect memory I can watch forever! Bogle Productions is very professional, creative and excellent videography! Thank you for this lifetime gift!

6 March 2019

Cory was a fantastic videographer. From the beginning, coordination and communication were painless. He worked extremely well with our photographer and was very unobtrusive as he filmed. Despite our wedding happening at the start of the busy season, he delivered our videos just four weeks after the event! We were extremely happy with the quality of the product and are glad we chose Cory as our videographer. More...

6 March 2019

We just got our wedding highlight reel back and are blown away!!! THANK YOU for being such an easy vender to work with. You made the day a breeze! ��

Everyone do yourself a favor and hire him. Every last detail he captured was utter perfection!

25 January 2019

My wedding video is the most incredible part of my wedding. I cannot tell you more to have Cory at Bogle productions film your wedding! We watch it over and over! He is so discreet you wont even know he is at your wedding! Nothing competes with the emotions and sounds he captured. If you do anything at all BOOK Bogle Productions!! More...

25 January 2019

Awesome Video. Highly recommend. Fast and efficient return. We had fun that day and he got it all.

25 January 2019

Cory Filmed my daughters wedding in July and I have to say it is the best video I have ever seen. I was so crazy busy that day running around doing Mom duties that I felt like I missed everything. He captured everything perfectly. I was able to sit down and enjoy the wedding all over again. His filming is so professional it looked like a motion picture! Thank you Cory!!! More...

25 January 2019

Happy WIfe, Happy Life At first I didn't want to do a video and my wife came home from the wedding show and had seen Bogle Productions videos. I watched a few on his website and they were truly great. I had no idea my wedding would look so spectacular. This guy is very talented. He has a gift. You can't go wrong with Bogle Productions. HIGHLY recommend. Happy Wife, Happy Husband. More...

26 November 2018

I used Bogle production 4 years ago for my wedding. I remember that I couldn't be more happy with Cory's customer service and this gifted skills. I highly highly recommend him! Nothing like being the star of your own high quality movie. Bogle differently deserves 5 stars. I'm recommending him to everyone. More...

20 January 2018

I cannot emphasize how talented Bogle Productions is at creating the most magical wedding videos I have ever seen. The amount of work that must go into making videos flow so beautifully and capture all of the details of an event is simply beyond me. Cory is so good at what he does that you barely notice him, and your guests don't notice him either! After I posted our wedding video on social media, a good friend texted me how excited she was to see it because she loved it AND she already booked Bogle Productions for her upcoming wedding yet she didn't even notice we had a videographer there! He's THAT good. I would highly recommend him for your event. Having a wedding video was probably the thing I was most looking forward to and couldn't wait to see, and needless to say I was not disappointed at all. Thank you Cory! More...

10 July 2017

We just got our wedding highlight reel back and are blown away!!! THANK YOU for being such an easy vender to work with. You made the day a breeze! ��

10 June 2017

Happy Bride here with the need to post a 5 star review...even before I have seen my footage.
Cory did such an incredible job capturing all of the special moments on our wedding day. Everytime something happened that I hoped to remember I looked around and there he was already filming.
He came on time and was ready to go, he was also happy to stay a little bit longer than anticipated at the end of the night.
He made everyone feel completely comfortable being captured on camera as he was sure to stay back and take in the moments as they happened and never tried to orchestrate a 'moment.'
Hands down would recommend this service to anyone and everyone. The one thing I hear most is that people regret not having a videographer at their wedding. We are so excited to see our feature film and highlight reel!

26 May 2017

Cory Bogle is the best, he captured our wedding and reception, it was even more than we could have hoped!
In the beginning we weren't going to have video but we are so thankful that we did, every word of our vows, all our kids,family and friends, EVERYTHING but together perfectly for ever and ever!
We thank you Cory Bogle !!!!

2 September 2016

This is the first review I've ever felt inspired to leave on Yelp, because Cory Bogle worked magic with our wedding video.  He took the hours of footage and captured the true essence of our special day.  I loved reliving the experience through the tasteful, expertly produced, beautiful rendition of our wedding highlights with our favorite songs.Well done Bogle Production.  And thank you!Happy bride,Lisa More...

29 May 2016

Videography was the toughest decision we made for our wedding but we made the RIGHT decision going with Cory. We cannot stop watching our highlights video and it truly captures exactly how the day was. My husband's family was unable to attend the wedding so it was very important for us to have a video that would allow them to feel like they had been a part of the day. Cory did not disappoint. We hardly knew Cory was there and could not believe the shots he was able to get. The decision to have Bogle Productions be a part of our wedding was the best choice we made. We will treasure the video always and are so thankful to have such a wonderful memory of our wedding day! More...

16 April 2016

Cory was a fantastic guy to work with for our wedding! :-) Our video is absolutely stunning and we love it! He did a brilliant job of catching all of the moments from the wedding as well as some great shots of the venue itself. Combining all of those together to make our wedding video has made for a memory that we will treasure forever! :-) More...

16 August 2015

I hired Bogle Productions for our wedding video. Everyone loves our wedding video. The music is beautiful and the video is so romantic and actually brings viewers to tears. Bogle Productions really saved the day. The videographer we originally hired had to back out at the last moment because of health reasons. I went into a mild panic trying to find a different company to film our wedding and reception. We were so lucky to find Bogle Productions! I would recommend them to everyone!! More...

8 April 2015

Cory did an amazing job with our wedding videography! My now-husband was very skeptical about whether hiring a videographer would be worth the cost, but he now agrees that it was thanks to the beautiful work Cory did. We're thrilled with the quality of the end results: a fun highlights video to share with friends and family online, and beautiful keepsake DVDs of a longer film covering the entire day, including the full ceremony, all the speeches, etc. It's incredible how he captured all the best details and moments as a one-man operation, but that just goes to show what a pro he is. Watching the video, it seems like he was everywhere, but on the actual day, he was very unobtrusive. Our only very minor gripe is the amount of time it took to get the video (5 months), but we understand that our wedding was one of the last of his busy season, and the end results were totally worth the wait! We highly recommend Bogle Productions without hesitation. More...

30 November 2013

Bogle Productions created an incredibly beautiful and touching video of our wedding. Our families, my husband, and I were thrilled to see his amazing work. We had two ceremonies (an American ceremony and a Korean tea ceremony with lots of moving parts). Cory did a fantastic job and captured every detail in a beautiful, creative way. He set up several cameras around the room, and watching our video, I couldn't believe that one person could capture every detail from multiple angles in such a gorgeous way. Cory is a videographer, a creative artist, and gifted storyteller. All of his images, sound, and music were woven together in a tapestry that captured the emotion of the day and told the story of our wedding. His work really touches the heart, and his skill and artistry shine through his videos. We will be watching this video for years to come with our families! I would highly recommend Bogle Productions to everyone. More...

14 May 2013

Cory (Bogle) did an amazing job with our wedding!!We found him through Google and also via recommendations from our photographer and wedding planner.  My (then) wife and I decided that we should hire a videographer that would make us feel all emotional while watching the sample videos on their website; If a videographer had the ability to make us feel love out of some strangers' wedding videos, then we knew that particular videographer had the talent we were looking for.After looking at Cory's wedding videos (bogleproductions.com/wed…), it was clear Cory Bogle was the way to go.- His prices were fair- He was very professional and great to work with- Presence at the wedding was NOT noticeable (A++++)- Delivery is only 2-3 months from date of wedding, unlike the 8-12 months other videographers quoted us- He has the option for HD Blu-Ray!!- AND THE RESULTING VIDEO/MOVIE WAS AWESOME! A+++++++++++++I highly recommend Cory for your video needs! Thanks, Cory! More...

9 December 2012

Would highly recommend Bogle to anyone who wants a tasteful and classy memento of their wedding.  We were a little reluctant at first to do any videography. After seeing the final result, we are very happy with our decision to go with Bogle. The video will be a wonderful wedding keepsake ... More...

5 March 2012

Cory was great to work with on a recent wedding! He does such great videography, I would highly recommend him and his team to any future brides.  Until next time! :)

20 August 2011

Our wedding date was centered around Cory's availability! My dad and stepmom used him for their wedding 14 years ago and it was so fun watching it and remembering the moments he captured so well. My cousin also used him for their wedding about 6 years ago. He does an amazing job at being there, but not bothering guests/the bride and groom. It was so fun to see the highlight reel and the full length video. We now watch it on our anniversary each year to re-live and soak up those feelings that pictures couldn't convey.

As a wedding coordinator, I also recommend his services to my clients.

18 September 2010

First let me say, I never thought I would ever want a wedding video. I really am not the type of person that would want to see video of myself (I guess I'm picturing my dad's home movies from when I was little though). However, my wedding planner suggested him when I became curious about videographers. After viewing his website I NEEDED him to film ours. Bogle Productions was able to capture every little detail of our day and turned it into a beautiful "love story" that highlighted every exciting and loving moment that we shared. The way he puts things together is amazing, i've never seen any other work like it. Everyone that sees our highlights video can't believe how good his work is! In addition to creating an amazing movie, you really don't even notice he is there. It was one of the last things we added to the wedding and one of the best decisions we could have made. More...

28 August 2010

Bogle was the best money we spent on ANYTHING for our Wedding. Our Wedding video has a title screen and plays out like a movie. My entire Family cherishes it and can't believe how incredible it is! More...

19 June 2010

Videography was the one thing I wasnt sure I wanted but after reviewing the dvd of our wedding from Colin I couldnt imagin not having it. Its true when they say that because you are in the moment you might miss some things well Colin was able to capture all those moments and even after watching the dvd 10 times I still see things I dont remember, we couldnt have asked for anything more. More...

29 May 2010

Cory was so professional and great on my wedding day (you could hardly even tell he was there!) But he was... capturing all of the moments that will last forever through my video! I cannot WAIT To see it... his samples are VERY Professional and I definitely recommend him as a MUST for your wedding! More...

15 August 2009

Wow, is all I can really say to the video of our wedding. When we sat down to watch it, we felt like we were watching a movie. It was beautiful and we didn't even remember the videographer at our wedding at all. It was nice that he was there but not in our faces. More...

14 September 2008

They did an incredible, beautiful job! They captured my wedding day BETTER than I remember it. It was truly magical. You will LOVE IT!

6 September 2008

Great videographer to work with, arrived on time, and was very unobtrusive. Also very professional, and captured all of the moments we wanted on film.

26 August 2006

I absolutely love our DVD and without it I would be heartbroken!

27 August 2005

I waited until the last minute to book Bogle for my wedding.
I was not sure I wanted a videography.
This was by far the most important part of my wedding.
I watch the video from time to time with my husband and just cry, it was so beautiful.
You miss so much of your wedding starting at the man you are marrying, you need Bogle to make a memory.
My family and friends email me from time to time letting me know that they just watched the video, 3 1/2
years later. We made copies of the video to send to all our wedding guests and especially those from overseas
that could not be with us.

The best part was that I didn't even see Bogle set up or leave the wedding, but the video captured the day beautifully.
I would recommend Bogle to anyone getting married. It is definately a must. They put the wedding to beautiful music
and scenery that I hadn't noticed during our wedding. You get to see the details you missed. I can't say enough!

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I love telling the story and creating an emotional film that truly showcases the event.

I have alway had a love for film making. I went to film school at the University of Washington. I have worked on a range of movies and commercials and eventually decided to start my own production company.

I am creative, easy going and will produce a quality production with a reasonable price structure.



Bogle Productions is an award winning Seattle based production company specializing in wedding cinematography as well as a wide range of commercial and corporate projects. We take pride in capturing the true emotion and feeling of your event creating a true cinematic masterpiece you will cherish for a lifetime!

Bogle Productions produces a wide range of event videos such as Birthday Parties, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries and Dance Recitals.

We produce a wide ranges of corporate projects. Some of our clients inlcude: Luly Yang Couture Amazon Boeing Microsoft Lisa Dupar Catering

We create slide shows for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, mitzvahs, memorials and anniversaries.