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Salem, MA, USA

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Portraiture, event, sports photography with dramatic, or emotional overtones

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Understanding what you see in the viewfinder... Understanding why someone whats to see it
understanding how to present it in a way that generates emotion

For portraits and headshots, once we have established the basics such as general type of photo, who or how many are in any of the photos, and how many photos are you hoping to have made available to you (and what format)...

I would also like to know, as well as make a client consider the following:

Do you consider the photos you want to be traditional with very standard looks or are they something you would like to have fun with.

What kind of photos do YOU want from this?
Why do you want them ?

Do you have any specific goals that the images should achieve?

Who would you like to give a copy of these photos to?

What kind of budget do you have to achieve your goals?

When do you need the pics taken and when do you need them delivered?

Hearing someone say "Oh thats a cool shot!" Knowing that a photo I took evoked an emotion in someone else means to me I am doing the right thing.

Ive started so many business in my 50+ years that its just what I do, however I had been doing photography, mostly sports photography for about 10 years when I was laid off from an 18 year long job in IT, and this made me think it was time to do what I actually want to. My first official job landed one of my photos on the US Olympic website.

Due to the pandemic, I have narrowed the amount of photography I choose to do at the moment, and have found a 9 to 5 work at home contract in IT to make ends meet, but I continue to do several shoots a month, some for clients and others for myself.

If you are looking for some newborn photos, there are better out there, if you are looking at a quick and dirty set of wedding pics, there are better out there also (Im gonna want to do at least a few GRAND PORTRAITS with a setup and lighting and so on...)

I avoid any job I cannot do well, I have no issue saying "Someone else MUST be better at this type of shot than I"

When I commit to a shoot, generally I will start studying from that moment. I will review how the shot should look, what issues might come up and is there a new way to handle them, I also look at new ideas for the poses, and the props, hair and makeup options, and more... I look to understand the events I shoot and what the people in attendance feel about it. I look to know who the audience for the shots will be and how to best get their emotions going from the shots.

I want to create an image, not just take a picture.

If all someone wanted was a basic image with no style or added artistic value, I could but I would rather not. I am not a MASS Production guy, and providing photography through connected iPhones and the likes is something that you would do better with from someone else.

Most shots are outdoors on location, in a nice place with light and lots of airflow. However when shooting in studio, it is normally just myself, the subject or subjects and a parent if its a kids shoot. The studio is wiped down with recommended cleaners both before and after the shoot, and windows remain open as much as possible during the shoot to keep a solid airflow. I will also wear a mask as should the others in the studio unless it needs to be removed for the photo... (or a sip of a drink).

Also I like to make certain that no one has a fever before we start.


Portrait Photography

Event Photography

Fine Art photos for office/commercial space based on current inventory or commissioned shoot

Can include staging, pricing based on shoot specifics, volume shoot purchases available.

From team photos to specific game / match photos, as well as full event coverage.

Traditional team and individual player photos

Player action shots

Composite full team shots as well as composite player shots.