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213 E State St, Ithaca, NY, USA

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Having patience and anticipation as well as fast reflexes when the time is right. Making people feel safe and comfortable. Seeing opportunities and not being afraid to take advantage of them.

What style art and photography do you like?

What is your most crazy wedding photo idea?

How do you see us making the photo aspect of your wedding fun?

Can I be in your family for a day?

The people and being able to use my creativity on a daily basis

It is like I have to do this. I have a career not a job. I can work 80-100 hrs per week on a career and not get tired

I am inspiring and ultimately want highly creative photos you can look back on and smile.

Nope gotta be there looking at light and taking photos. Thankfully a robot can’t do my job yet.

I wear a mask if asked. I am fully vaccinated. I will provide a negative test if requested.